Sunday, June 13, 2010

New hair & a new addition to our family!

After graduating I figured it was time for a change so I chopped my hair off and added a bit of dark underneath. I just love change! To add to this change my husband surprised me when we went into a puppy store where puppies were $500 and something and we found this little girl. I like to call her the clearance puppy because she was $30 and no one wanted her. She's a mix of a husky (one blue eye) and looks like German Shepherd. She also has a broken tail although she feel no pain, an overbite and one tooth sticks out further than the other. She's a real goof and yet the most lovable, sweetest dog ever. We got her 2 days ago and she's barely 2 months old. I decided to call her Jazmine, goes great with my other princess Belle. I can't wait for them to meet and be the best sisters ever.

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