Love List

Monday, December 31, 2012

3 Year Anniversary Dinner

Today is our 3 year anniversary! We decided to go to Brio in Raleigh for some champagne, pasta and delicious dessert. We went all out! I can't see myself with anyone else, I have enjoyed these past 3 years as a married couple and I can't wait for many more. I wore some thick black stockings underneath black shorts with a white blouse with black detailing and some short black booties.
Friday, December 07, 2012

Happy Holidays

This year we get to spend the holidays in the new house with tall ceilings which meant a new bigger tree! Im obsessed with our tree! I went all out this year since I'm working its much easier to afford both presents and decor. I made it my goal this year to get Joe the most presents since he's usually the one buying me wonderful things. Although it's not for sure yet we may sneak down to Florida to surprise family. Let's hope it turns out well. What do you think of my gift wrapping skills this year? My absolute favorite place right now is HomeGoods/TJ Maxx and they never disappoint. I got so many questions on my gift wrapping paper well thats where I got them! I made it a tradition this year that I hope to pass down every year to get one unique ornament for each of us. I actually write the year we got them on them for future reference. It slowly builds up our tree and its special for everyone to look back on. Of course my pups got one that represents them each. One of princess Belle for my Belle and one of Princess Jazmine for my Jazzy. Don't they just look thrilled?