Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gelish Review


I've been looking for something to be able to wear on my nails to make me look good without having to keep retouching by the end of the day. Because thanks to my job and just daily housewife duties, my nail polish always manages to chip no matter how great of a brand it is. I've done acrylics before and still somehow I just can't get them to look how I want them to. I've heard a lot of people who have used Gelish and swear by it. Honestly it's such an expensive product which is why I had been hesitating. But since I had a return to make, I chose to just exchange it and pay the difference. It is by far the smartest to get the kit! Buying each separate will have you spend way over the kit value. It comes with everything pictured above. I did my nails about a week ago and my nails look like I just did them. Still shiny, no chips, no cracks, nothing. Looks perfect! I'm so shocked and surprised. I was expecting at least a chipped nail. It's said to last about 2 weeks, so I'm keeping track. Although I wouldn't be surprised if they do last.

Freshly done.
1 week later.
The color I bought to try is 'Bella's Vampire'. Each color is sold separately, the only downer. But I would like to try with a regular polish after my 2 weeks test is done with this color. If it works with any other polish, it would save me a lot of money!

Here is how to get perfect gel nails at home!

1. You will need to lightly buff your nails to make them a little more even and reducing the ridges.
2. Next you will need to remove all the dirt and oil with the Nail Surface Cleanse.
3. Apply the pH Bond on natural nail.
4. You will begin the process by adding the first top coat, the Foundation.
5. Apply it under the UV light for about 30 seconds. (do not remove the sticky stuff on the nail after its done curing.)
6. Apply the Gelish color of your choice.
7. Follow up again by another 30 seconds under the UV light. (Repeat if 2nd coat needed.)
8. Finally add the last coat, the Top Coat.
9. Once again cure under the UV light for another 30 seconds.
10.Make sure you use the Nail Surface Cleaner on a lint free wipe!
11. Remove the sticky residue from the nails.
12. Last step is to add the Nourish cuticle treatment, it will be much needed and it helps a lot.

And that's all! Very easy, takes a little time but its better than waiting for the nail polish to dry. Specially at night, waking up with bed sheet indents on the nails . Who doesn't hate that right?


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