Thursday, September 12, 2013

We're Moving!

We've always been very open to going anywhere we possibly can, however we never expected such a huge opportunity. The hubby got orders to England and we are officially going to be moving there in April! It was such an out of nowhere type of shocking news. We are looking forward to it yet at the same time very sad because it will be right after our baby boy is born and our family will have to be very far and won't be able to enjoy him as much. I will however try to bring him back as much as possible. Our lives are going to take a complete 360 change from what we're used to. 

We've talked plenty of times of trips to take out there but it always seemed so impossible. It's been years or trying and nothing, so having this present itself and for us to be able to do it with our baby boy along is a dream come true. It will be hard to adapt to a new life but we will make the best of it. 

We will try to take this huge opportunity to visit all throughout Europe as much as we possibly can and as often too. I want to be able to enjoy and keep ourselves entertained. I mean how often can someone say they've lived in Europe? It's all going so fast, we just can't wait! See you soon England!

Anyone live in England? Recommend any places for us to visit?