Thursday, October 03, 2013

My Dearest Charlie....

RIP Charlie (09/15/2002-10/02/2013)

This post is dedicated to my very first baby boy Charlie. I don't even know where to begin.... I was about 12 years old when you came into our lives. You were the most human like dog I had ever met. Stubborn, bossy and yet so lovable and sweet. You made our days whenever we had a bad day, you became a part of this family. We joked how you were the little Cortez brother that we never had. As years went by and we each brought in a new family member, me by bringing Belle and my sister by bringing Diamond. Belle always thought of you as her 2nd daddy... You didn't appreciate her clinginess but she still tried. You just knew you were the king of that house. Even after we each moved out and in came Ace. This big mean looking pitbull... Even he would bow down to you and not mess with you at all. He loved giving you kisses. You truly became his big brother. You allowed him in. You allowed all of us into your beautiful heart. That little heart that grew so... When my car incident happened, I was angry but then once I knew there really was a reason why I had to stay behind, I forgot it all. I was meant to stay because you were ready to say goodbye. You were ready for your wings. I never wanted you to go but I never wanted you to suffer either. I guess that's how life works. You can't have everything. That moment I saw you and just knew, and I closed your little eyes... Seeing my mom break down the way she did. The first thing I thought was that my little boy wasn't suffering anymore. You werent struggling. You were safe. I like to believe we all go to heaven, yes even dogs. Why not? God created us all. I can just imagine you with your beautiful wings walking in smiling and running towards the gates and just being happy. You can have all the car rides there! And pretty soon we will all be with you again. Mom was worried that you could be feeling lost, alone and disoriented. But I said to her... Why would we go to heaven to be alone?... No other dog has had the life you had. You were and always will be a huge part of all our lives. I love you baby boy. 

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