Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year believe it or not is the first Thanksgiving I have ever prepared an entire meal (and turkey) all on my own. I figured I'd go all out since my mother-in-law was visiting. Typically the hubs and I don't do huge meals, we would spend it with friends since having all that food just the two of us is ridiculous.

I got to enjoy my first full glass of wine in almost 10 months! And may I suggest this amazing wine gifted to me by a great friend of mine. Not gonna lie, after one glass I started feeling a little something. Little man was loving his time with his grandma, he spent endless hours sleeping in her arms.

We had a wonderful dinner, even though we couldn't see all our family on this holiday, we are beyond grateful to have had at least one in our home this year.


7 things I'm grateful for:

1. My son: I never thought I would love someone as much as I've experienced love for this little guy. I always thought my "maternal" instincts were only going to be towards my girls. But I've come to realize how life can truly change. I'm seeing him grow right in front of me, everyday is different and he amazes me more and more. The lil surprise God had planned for me.

2. My hubby: He's my best friend. I can't express enough how fortunate I am and how lucky I feel to have him. He's a true gentleman and always expresses love for me. Almost 5 years and he's still the same flirt. He's the love of my life and I'm beyond grateful for having him in my life.

3. My Girls: My puppies were my very own first dogs. Belle has been my little girl since day one. She's the very one to bring out the maternal instincts in me. I got to raise her since she was barely 2 months old. She's one of the smartest dogs I've ever met in my life, she can say so much with her looks she will amaze you. Jazzy is more a daddy's girl but this little girl is the most gentle caring dog, she has a maternal instinct towards their new lil brother now. Always so protective. I'm grateful to have these girls in my life. They're always there whether you're happy, sad, mad, or not all there. 

4. My Family: you know when they tell you that one day you'll appreciate your mom? That one day you will miss your family? You never think it to be true when you're 18 years old. But once I moved out right after my 19th birthday, I never thought the one person I would call daily would be my mom. Moving out helped me grow up and appreciate my family so much. I'm thankful that whenever I have an issue they are the very first to help me. My mommy and daddy-o (yes I still call them that) go above and beyond for my sister and I. They back me up and show me support with every decision I make and advice me on whatever I need advice on. I sure feel blessed and thank God nightly for giving me such a wonderful family. This including my uncle, aunts and grandma. I will never stop being thankful for them. 

5. My Friends: "Quality above quantity" this is such a true quote. I have merely an amount of true friends that I can count on one hand. Throughout the years you come to realize who your true friends are, better yet, moving away showed me that even more. I may live over 500 miles away but I talk to these people on the daily. My bestest friend since I was about 11 years old, we can go days without talking and once we talk is like time has not passed. I'm grateful to have them in my life because we all need friends to talk, relax with, gossip, joke with and so on. Cheers to true friends!

6. My Job: Not a particular one, just the fact that I even have one at all! So many people are in need of jobs in the world, I don't take it for granted. I'm grateful to be able to work and make money. It provides for us, whether is for food, or bills or even just luxuries. I'm able to have a car and make holidays special thanks to the money I make. Always be grateful with things like a job, because you never know what can happen and how much you can lose without one. 

7. The Military: Having my hubs in the military is both exciting and scary. The benefits have been so helpful to us but with every good comes bad. Otherwise the military has provided us with a life. We have been able to meet such wonderful people, our military family. Friends that will last a lifetime that come from all over the country. I'm thankful for it and I support our troops always.

I hope your thanksgiving was wonderful!
What are you grateful for this thanksgiving?