Monday, November 04, 2013

Ways To Induce Labor

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I feel like can't get any bigger! Also I'm secretly hoping he doesn't either. He's at a good weight, I don't want to imagine pushing bigger than that... I'm officially on the 5 days left countdown. I really hope he makes his grand debute this week, I can't even imagine having to possibly be pregnant for another 2 weeks. I'm trying everything (safe) to get him out. A few myths here and there...

Walking - I'm still working both jobs, trust me there is plenty of walking going on there. Even on my days off or just time before and/or after work I temp to go on a little shopping trip and walk for hours!

Spicy Food - I actually wish I could try this more than I'd could. I'm not huge on spicy food but I do love me some jalapeƱo flavor anything. Sadly I get heartburn like no tomorrow. It's painfully uncomfortable, specially at nighttime. It leads to sleepless nights. 

Sex - We've all heard sex helps induce labor. But so far I've had no luck! Certainly does help relax me and losen up the body though. So I'm more into enjoying it than just doing it as a job. 

Castor Oil - This is the only one I have yet to try. I'm skeptical. Some say it sure put them into labor just hours after taking a couple spoonfuls, others say it just gave them a real bad case of the runs (also embarrassing during labor) and some even said that if you aren't dilating at all that it's not safe to take it. Because it forces you into labor when the body isn't ready and it can cause stress on the baby (last thing I want for my baby) so with so many opinions I'm scared of what to expect. I'm waiting for my next appointment and hopefully by then if I did have some progress then I will be trying it! My last resort!

Evening Primrose Oil - These pills are supposed to help you to dilate and thing the cervix out. I did start taking these at 37 weeks. Small dosage and I doubled it by now my 39th week. I'm currently still taking it, haven't tried inserting it up my cooca yet though. Maybe this week I will try that. I still take it nightly, hopefully it does help somehow but either way it also helps with your skin complexion so it's a win regardless. 

Regardless of what I try he will make his appearance when he wants to, I just wish it were soon! I can't wait to meet this little monster! Fingers crossed!