Saturday, November 16, 2013

Welcome to the world baby Jaxon!

On November 13th, 2013 at 11:39am, Jaxon Alexander Ordonez graced us with his presence! 
Weighing in at 6lbs and 14oz, 20.5in long.
This beautiful little miracle changed my life forever with just one look. Never did I think I would have my whole world right in my arms. 

At 40 weeks and still no baby, I began to think I would be pregnant forever! But somehow I began to get a feeling that he would be there that week. Somehow I just knew. Come Monday at 7:30am I woke up in a jump feeling like I had peed myself but it wasn't like my water broke, it was tiny bits here and there. So I changed and went back to bed, a couple hours later I woke up again with the same feeling. I told the hubs that I had a feeling something weird was going on so I wanted to go for walks and stay on the move all day just in case it was really happening. So I went out to run a few errands and I kept getting a few contractions every so often. By the end of the night they started getting worse. 

Hubs and I went on another walk around the block and he was telling me how nervous he was that it was the real thing, yet very excited to finally meet him. We decided to go to bed and see what happens, but the pain only got worse and worse to the point where I started to count these contractions and they were 6-7minutes apart lasting 1minute long. This went on for 2-3hours, by 11pm I called labor and delivery and they told me the basic things like take two tylenols and drink 3-4 cups of water right away and lay down on my left side, within the hour they should go away. Well 2 hours later the pain only got worse. I then went to the bathroom and noticed I had bloody show with mucus. At 2am hubs kept hearing me moan through the pain and he just plainly asked "do you need me to take you to the hospital?" I really didn't want to go. I didn't want to have to just lay on a bed for hours. I wanted to be at home for most of it, but I also didn't know how far along I could possible be, being that on that very day I had a Drs. apt at 1pm... It was a long way to wait. 

So off to the hospital we went. They first started checking me and tracking my contractions, I wasn't dilated at all but my cervix was definitely making the progress. They said I had to wait around 6am for the Dr to arrive. I could already tell it was going to be a long night. Contractions got worse and worse, the Dr decided to check me in and hook me up. I was so glad for the nurses they were all so attentive and fast. She had began my IV so I could have all the fluid I need by the time it was time for the epidural. But I couldn't receive the epidural till I was at least 4cm dilated. It was going by so slow! But I was grateful that I wasn't forcing my body into that it all came naturally. I did not want to be induced. 

Finally I got to the point where the pain became unbearable. I would sleep every 5 minutes only to wake up with horrible pain. Hubs stayed by my side holding my hand and supporting me. By then it was about 2pm a different Dr that was on call broke my water and said I was ready for the epidural. I didn't even feel the sting everyone says or the burning ... Absolutely nothing! It was perfect! I fell asleep right away. 3 hours later I woke up nice and numb. My cervix was fully done but I still needed to dilate more so the Dr decided to give me some pitocin to help with the progress. However the pitocin gave me a fever which made the baby's heartbeat go up. So they began to work on helping my fever go down. 

On Wednesday at 3am I was finally fully dilated! Only wanted him to drop a little bit more and I could begin to push! Around 4am we began to push, I pushed for about 2 hours and I just had to rest. I was so sleepy and it was so draining from being up every minute. They woke me up again around 8am to push again and I did not stop, but the baby was stuck with my tailbone. The dr offered for me to keep pushing to help stretch but that he can also help pull him out a bit to get him over that bump. I tried my best to keep pushing but eventually I just knew I needed his help. I hadn't eaten in the last couple days, and being only on ice chips began to make me sick... Literally. So finally with the help of the Dr and my hubs supporting me every second along with the best nurse that never left my side and did nothing but encourage me, out came baby Jaxon! With a full set of hair! (Explains the heartburn) I'm not an emotional person, I was more shocked that teary eyed. This baby just came out of me... Me! I made a baby? This is MY baby... So many thoughts at once. I looked over to the side to see my hubs getting teary eyed but trying hard not to cry. That just hit my heart all at once. Oh my god this is my baby boy! 

I don't think I've ever felt so many emotions all at once. I put him skin to skin and we just layed together and I stared at him and I fell in love. And so begins the start of something beautiful...