Love List

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Month One Favorites

We have survived our first month! 
Aside from all the main things we must have, these are some of the small things that were a huge help. I want to share with you what I felt was a necessity and what really came in handy for myself and my little stud muffin. 


Prince Lionheart Premium Wipes Warmer - I never thought this would be a necessity but after realizing how Jaxs freaks out with cold wipes, I'm so glad I bought it. It's a life changer for those late night diaper changes. They stay nice and warm, don't dry out or over heat. For me it has become a must and I highly recommend it!

Mommys Bliss Massage Cream - I use this after his baths at night and massage it throughout his little little body. The best thing about this is that it's lavender, chamomile & ylang ylang. Which relaxes him and puts him right to sleep. It absorbs fast and it doesn't leave any oily residue. It's perfect to prepare him for a long night of sleep which also means a long night of sleep for me as well. 

Ralph Lauren Onesie - This one in particular is incredibly soft but the main reason I put this one is for the type of opening this onesie has. It's really easy to just snap and change without having to fully undress him. Again this is your best friend for those night changes.

Lansinoh Nipple Cream - If you are breast feeding or plan on it, I recommend this nipple cream. Not only does it help a lot after nursing but it's safe for your baby to breast feed even if you have some on and it's also to apply before getting in the shower to protect them. Trust me the water makes them hurt and with this it really does protect them. 

WubbaNub - This little thing is great. This pacifier (the soothie) is like the hospital ones, however with the toy it helps the baby take a hold of something. I feel like this one helps it stay in their mouth better than the regular one. With or without the little giraffe, this pacifier is the best one I've used.

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer - I keep one everywhere. In the diaper bag, my ourse, bythe changing table, by my bed... Everywhere! I try to keep my hands clean every time I touch my baby so I don't give him any germs. Also comes in handy after diaper changes or if I get spit on. And they come in wonderful scents! You can't go wrong with that. 

SootheTIME Cruisetime Car Seat Cover - Being a fall baby, I knew the temperature would be dropping soon. So instead of just wrapping him in a blanket I found this great car seat cover. Not only does it have the nice soft inside to keep him warm but the outside is waterproof, perfect for rainy days! He stays nice and warm and I don't have to worry about wet blankets. It also closes up if you just want to see their face. 

Shea Moisture Organic Head-to-Toe Wash & Shampoo - I wanted a shampoo with chamomile in it because my mom told me it's what she used with me when I was little. It relaxes the baby and leaves their hair feeling nice and soft. So when I came across this I was really excited. The best part is that it's organic! Aside from chamomile it also has raw shea and argan oil. His hair is so soft and smells wonderful afterwards I can't stop smelling him. Nice, gentle and safe for your baby.

Marlo Lorenz THRO blanket - I own about 4 throws by this guy. These are the softest blankets I have ever felt! When I came across a baby one in blue with safari animals on it, I didn't hesitate to buy it. I'm glad I did because this soft blanket is my baby's favorite. He sleeps in it every night, keeps him warm and it's gentle on his skin. I highly recommend everyone goes out and buys one... or two.

Baby Gap Organic Mittens - These are a little big for newborns but you can still use them. They're organic which are super soft, and they do stay on! The elastic isn't too tight it's just right. This way they don't scratch their cute face off like a lot of babies tend to do. 

Organic Mothers Milk Tea - If you are breast feeding this tea will be perfect for you. It actually did help me increase my milk supply. I like it really sweet, it actually tastes way better that way. It's been a huge help for me, I drank 1 cup a day but you can drink up to 5 a day. I would recommend it for those who are a first time mom and you really want to try to increase your milk supply. It's a natural tea, they say some side effects are diarrhea and strong body odor but I actually didn't have any side effects. Everyone is different!