Monday, December 16, 2013

Jax: 1 Month Old

This is an old post that I never really took my time with. I wanted it to be far more detailed than I had it. I decided to take my time to re-write it. Specially while everything is still fresh in my memory. 
Today Jax is one month old! I don't believe how fast that went by. I don't believe I've ever had such patience before, or that I'd be able to love someone so much yet feels very natural. The first week I was able to have my mom and sister visiting us. They cooked and cleaned for us which was such a huge help. All our days consisted on being home in bed watching movies. Relaxing as a family other than the days we had to go to the Drs for his weight check up and to get his birth certificate. He slept for most the time which made it easy.

Weight: Around a full 8lbs.
Eating: This entire month I'd been able to nurse him, and I'm thankful for that. But it slowed down a lot towards the end of the month that I had to start doing formula as well. Something I never wanted to do but what can you do except keep trying. Hoping it will increase again soon. This little boy loves to eat. The main one reason he would cry is for food. His legs are finally starting to get a little chunky and he pushes and kicks them out. He's getting stronger and stronger every day.
Breast feeding wasn't easy but it also didn't get any easier for me. I felt uncomfortable, I felt like he wasn't getting enough of what he wanted. I kept having to pump or use a shield and there were moments when I didn't even want to keep doing it anymore. For some moms breast feeding is the best feeling and such a bonding moment, to me it wasn't bonding because he kept freaking out on me. Seeing him whine and want to pull on his hair just made me sad. I started to pump 5-6 times a day and feed him that way instead. As long as he's getting his nutrients and as much breast milk as possible I'm content.  

Sleep: Jax started sleeping in his bassinet besides our bed, but he always managed to pull his arms out of his swaddle and pull the blanket up by his face. I got a little nervous that he would suffocate and so he started sleeping with us. But we are letting him take his day naps in there to get him more used to it, to eventually make the transition completely again. The first weeks his sleep was on and off all night since he sleep most of the day and most of the night. But around 3rd and 4th week he began falling asleep with us at 11pm and waking up at 5am right before Joe would wake up to go to work.
He sleeps pretty well but somehow is very jumpy in his sleep and will sometimes scare himself awake. We're still working on making a schedule work but we're still new at this and so is he. We're both learning.

Clothing: Jax is  still wearing newborn size, in fact he finally is filling into them. Only a couple pieces size 0-3m. Onesies fit better than pants on him. Now that I can see how big he is, I can buy him more clothes according to. Shoes he only fits in his 6wk vans. Mostly rocking holiday socks. 

Mood: He is a very laid back and relaxed baby. Doesn't cry for no reason, either he's hungry, wet, or has to burp. He started making sounds, so now I can hear how happy he is. He's always kicking when he's happy and that's exactly the kicks he used to do inside. Whenever we go out he falls asleep, in the car or in his swing. Very calm and and just very observative. 

  • His swing and cribs mobile. Just loves to stare at it. 
  • Music! I put Guns 'n Roses station on Pandora and he just lays in the bed listening and kicking his legs. I knew he would love this kind of music since I always heard in everywhere I went. Even played him music while he was inside and he kicked away to The Beatles. 
  • Sleeping face down. I don't really like it, I'm scared he won't breath! But he sleeps so good and calm that way. I only let him during naps and when I'm watching him. 
  • Being outside. It might be the sun, the car movement, or the noise but he loves being outside. It puts him to sleep and relaxes him. 
  • His daddy's voice. He could be screaming bloody murder and joe will say something he instantly stops and listens. It's beyond adorable to me. I love their bond, I hope it goes on forever.
Doesn’t Love:
  • His daddy’s beard! This was for the time he was on leave. He cries whenever he kissed him. Don't worry Jax, I hated it too. 
  • Changing his clothes. The cold he gets just makes him freak out. He will scream and cry but once he has his new outfit on he completely stops and is all smiles again. 
  • Cold baby wipes. Thank God for the wipes warmer, he literally freaks out. Throws his hands in the air and from there it's a bomb waiting to go off. 

What I Want to Remember:
  • The way he starts to sneeze but it goes away. He makes the cutest noise/sigh that Ive ever heard! His sneezes are pretty cute too, he's not sick or anything he just sneezes for no reason. 
  •  The way he grabs onto his hair when he's really into drinking his milk. He just holds onto it and then rubs his hands through his ears to his face and back to his hair. Adorable!!!
  • When he's starting to wake up but gets closer to me and cuddles so he just passes right out again. I love that he looks for me and gets closer to me. It feels so nice to see him want to lay with me rather than the usual me pulling him in. 
  • How his eyes get so watery and red after a good cry. He has such a pitiful look and I just want to hold him and kiss him and tell him he's going to be ok. It breaks my heart to see this sad look but I love to feel so needed by him.
  • His smiles in his sleep. I wonder what he's dreaming about or what is just running through his mind. He lays there and does this half smirk half smile type of thing only showing one of his dimples. I stare at him in a total mom creepy way. 
  • The way he looks for Belle and Jazmine. He's becoming aware of them, he lays and looks upward and around when they lay by him. I love thinteresting way he stares and just observes them. 
  • How he gets comfortable when he's laying on my chest. He takes his time to lay his head the right way and sighs. Stares off and pushes his legs up. Only to eventually fall right asleep in my arms. I love every moment of it. 
  • The funny way he has his arms and hands wide open while he sleeps. Every now and then he does this shock move that makes him open them wide. Like dreaming of falling or something. Whatever it is this is, it's so sweet to watch.

Nicknames: We call him lil monster, baby boy, fat boy, fussy man. Depending on what he's doing at the moment. It's just funny to see the nicknames Joe will come up with for him. Other than those I do try to say his name more so he can react to it.

What I’m Looking Forward To: The holidays! Bringing him to meet the rest of the family, have him experience Christmas with both our families. Enjoy his grandparents as well as his aunt and uncle. It's such a fun time to have him here with us throughout this time. Every holiday and every experience is a complete new one with him now.