Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jax: 2 Months Old

I haven't been consistent putting these up, but at least I'm writting out all my thoughts so I can remember all the details. 
My little boy is two months old! Just comparing his images from the month before is such a huge difference! 

Weight: 12lbs and 9oz. 23 1/2in.
Eating: He began doing 90% formula unfortunately. It might've been the flying or the stress that caused my breast milk to slowly stop but as long as he's getting the nutrients he needs now, I'm glad I was able to nurse for so long. Some moms are just meant to be for breast feeding, turns out I'm not one of them. Aside from that he eats so well and is getting a little bit of chunkiness and even the cutest double chin!

Sleep: Jax will nap more in his crib but still mostly sleeps next to me on the bed. He sleeps for the entire night though, every night! Around 11pm-12am till about 10am. Occasionally he will wake up at 5am-6am hungry, so I'll feed him, burp him and as I'm burping him, he passes right out on my arms.  I am so glad to say he's not the one keeping me up, the one to blame is my insomnia (anybody dealt with this after having your baby?). 

He only stayed up real late when we were in Florida because he had slept the entire day that we were delayed at the airport, so by the time we arrived (at 3am if I may add) I was ready for bed and he was just waking up. Now that we are back home his schedule has fixed itself up again. Now I'm just working on fixing mine... 

During the day his naps last for about an hour to two. Depending on where he is, if he's on his swing they last longer and that allows me to cook or clean or just relax and be free to use my hands to do anything!

Clothing: Little man finally fits in 0-3m. He started out fitting in it but having it look loose, to now finally looking like it fits! I had to start putting away all his newborn clothes! Actually saving it just in case my sister gives me a nephew sometime in the near future...cough cough... 

Shoes wise he only really fits in his 0-6weeks Vans. The other "0-3m" shoes look gianormous on his tiny little feet. I almost can't wait till they fit and at the same time I feel like I haven't been able to put him in quite every outfit yet! Please stop growing!

Mood: Still he is such a relaxed and good baby. He's so calm it's crazy, unless it's time to go to bed... He lays there making cooing sounds and kicking away. He's so observative, doesn't really just cry out of nowhere. He does fuss every now and then, he's no perfect baby but you gotta make sure everything has been checked, food, diaper or gas. He always has a reason. He still falls asleep in car rides or anywhere we take him. He enjoys to lay and on tummy time. He just works so hard at it and he's getting so much better, his head is slowly starting to not waddle so much.
  • His pacifier. He just has the need to suck while he's trying to fall asleep. He just can't sleep without it.
  • Timmy time! Specially on the bed, he will push himself up and follow the colors of the tv or listen to his rockabye baby lullabies. 
  • Me! I know this probably sounds ridiculous but he knew me by voice since he was born, but now it's so much more than that. He could be asleep and if he hears me from far away he will wake up. He flashes me smiles after he's been crying and he's finally with me. This makes me feel so good and warm inside. He makes my heart grow.
  • Mornings. Surprisingly enough because neither his daddy or I am. I don't know if it's the diaper change and the feedings but he just wakes up and is so happy. Giving you non stop smiles again and again. 
Doesn’t Love:
  • When his pacifier falls out. He will scream bloody murder and try to rip his hair out or something. He just freaks out. You gotta hold it or this will continue itself over and over again.
I'm thankful he doesn't hate many things, yet that is.

What I Want to Remember:
  • The way he does a half smirk when he's beginning to flash a smile. Then turning into a full smile and just seeing those cute little dimples pop up! 
  •  The way he sleeps when he's not swaddled. His arms up by his head in this nonchalant  position. Like he's tanning at the beach or something. 
  • Discovering his hands making the cutest smack noises when he's trying to fall asleep by sucking on his hands. He does this as he looks around the room. Just looking so sweet and innocent. 

Nicknames: Joe would come up with the new nickname of ... Poops McGee. Other than the new one we still call him little man, lil monster, baby boy, fat boy, and fussy man. Who knows what we come up with when we talk to a baby. If only other people would hear us.. They'd think we have lost it.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Seeing his personality come out more. We can't wait to be back in Florida in February for some birthdays with the family. If we can make it, also being back at work so I can go back to shopping for this little man. Oh! And taking him on his first beach trip!