Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spring Time Bedroom Revamp.

I've just redone my bedroom not too long ago. But since the move is coming soon I figured it would be nice to start over with some bright catchy colors. I love how bright it is, perfect for taking pictures, and some bold colors for pop. 

Especially after Christmas time I get the immense feeling of wanting to do some spring cleaning and spring decorating. It's the time of year when everything red and green and wintery goes away. It's welcoming the warmth into the home. 

Unfortunately for me I'm within a couple months of a big move and I can't take my time to paint and redecorate a lot. Minor changes and getting those bold pieces would be essential for me to do at this moment. I have so much to do as it is yet I still want to make some changes to brighten up this home. 

Aside from my bedroom I'd like to add a few things to Jaxons nursery and finish the livingroom. I left my couches mid way done. Ah so much. I need to finish what I started... I just get so excited! I don't have a coffee table or lamps, that would be something nice to add to make it look more like a livingroom. 

Enough about that for now... Here I have my inspiration for my bedroom!

Colors: White, black, pink & gold.

My furniture in my bedroom is dark, I've been wanting to change it white and get a white tufted headboard for my bed. 

find: Michaels
Gold sun burst mirror to go above the bed. Simplistic and beautiful. 

White bedding with a beautiful shiny moroccan blanket at the end for some sparkle. 

                                    find                                                                          find

Black, gold and pink accent pillows to pop out with the white background. Texture is important, the ruffles add a little something. A monogram! What better way to personalize your style in your bedroom? 


Lights! They brighten things up so nicely without them looking Christmasy. These are dainty and just look like beautiful stars. Covering a leaner mirror in a corner. Beautiful! 

This is a diy I have planned for my current white curtains. They match the bedroom style and still keeps it bright. 

Details. Detail. Details. Perfect way to display your favorite books along side with flowers to bring in that spring feeling. Even a moroccan pouf by the side of the bed in gold would become part of this beautiful bedroom.

I can't wait to get started on buying these colors! 
It sure makes it look like springtime doesn't it?
What are you re doing for your spring cleaning?