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Monday, March 03, 2014

Traveling with a baby

Travel is stressful as it is, add a baby into the mix and it triples. I was afraid to be "that mom" on the plane with the screaming child, with no way of knowing how to calm him down. I had heard of their ears popping, that's something you can't really fix or prevent like a diaper change or feeding them a bottle. As my trip came closer I did some search to see what other moms have done. So far we've had two round trip flights. One was the worse experience I've had and the other perfect as can be. However each experience was different. Regardless of the experience I didn't want to carry a lot and I wanted to have everything I needed. Sounds like I wanted too much, am I right? But this can be done. You don't need a million toys. 

What you'll need:
-Changing pad(in case you have a random place to change him into). 
-Diaper cream. 
-Baby wipes. 
-Cell phone or iPad with baby apps.
-Extra change of clothes (in case of an emergency. Onesies would be the easiest).
-Teething toy/Rattle toy (limit it to 1-2 toys). 
-Bottle & bib. 

The first time I traveled I brought his car seat. It was horrible. It helped to keep him asleep because I also had the cover so he slept almost the entire time. But I had missed a flight and had to end up switching airline and so on so I was at the airport for over 12 hours! Carrying him and the car seat plus my purse and diaper bag was a nightmare. I got bruises from the car seat and the bag on my neck and my arms. I was pulling and tugging and muscles that shouldn't be pulled and tugged on. I was already dreading the flight back.... That's why as soon as I got to Florida I bought myself a Moby Wrap. This has got to be one of the best inventions ever. I checked in my car seat and got to carrying him the whole way back. He kept me warm and he slept the entire way back! 

Now for my second time I decided to be smart and give the moby a try again. Well he was wide awake this time so he wanted to get out. So this is when I'm glad I had everything I needed in my bag. Bottle ready (it's extremely hard to make a bottle with a baby on hand and no where to put him down! Specially with how right those planes can be) well it turns out he wasn't hungry, he kept fussing. Then I tried a toy. Still no luck. Well I had to try my cell phone with this app called 'Magic Fingers'. It plays music and everytime he touched the screen different set of lights pop up. It did the job... For a couple minutes. I was starting to panick that he would fuzz all the way there. Add my lack of sleep and aisle seat! The most uncomfortable hours waiting to happen. Finally I laid him side ways and gave him his WubbaNub. At first he kept moving and moving till finally he crashed. 

Other tips I'd recommend would be:

- Arrive early enough in case you have an incident and have to stop by a bathroom to change the baby or have to stop randomly to feed him. 

- Entertain the baby a lot before boarding. You want to try to get them tired. Make them laugh, walk around, bounce them, feed them and change them. That way by the time is time to fly the baby will be all worn out and fall right asleep. 

- If you're traveling alone: I keep my purse pretty light when I travel. Most important is cell phone, wallet and plane ticket. This way the only mostly heavy piece will be the diaper bag and the baby. Also keep them on reach like inside side pocket or have them halfway inside the wallet so when security check comes around you can just pull it right out and back in. Of course all this would be much easier with someone else. You just gotta make it work your way if you're traveling alone with your baby. 

 If you're doing formula then add a bottle of water so you don't have to run to buy one. They will let you get through security for this. They'll just test it to make sure it is water. Another way also is to have a couple bottles with the water amount ready so all you have to do it add the formula. If breastfeeding, bring a cover or a nice non see through scarf. It's a fashion accessory and will make it easier to switch rather than having to pull the cover out. 

- Keep in mind the weather or the two locations. Just because it's cold where you're departing doesn't mean that it will be in your destination or visa versa. 

- Last one is enjoy it. Take pictures, eat something new even if it's at the airport, enjoy the traveling with your little one. Make it a beautiful memory or a funny story to tell. 

Have a wonderful trip! 

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Jax Ootd || Flight

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