Monday, June 30, 2014

Bury St Edmunds Abbey

One of our trips exploring the towns near us to Bury St Edmunds. Aside from the mall-like and street of stores and boutiques, this place has so much charm, with the cathedral, beautiful park filled with people having picnics (It's what inspired my Summers Bucketlist) and over all beautiful scenery.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Life Lately


We've been exploring cities lately, from London to Cambridge to Bury. I feel like I ahve to take in every detail. This week I decided to sit down and crunch numbers for our future trips outside the UK. We're not sure where exactly we want to go first, but Europe is filled with amazing beautiful places that we can't go wrong with what we choose.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 Ways To Clean Out Your Closet

With the whole move I've been dealing with I was pretty much forced to clean out my closet. There was no way I could pack up everything. These are pretty much the main things I focused on and asked myself as I cleaned out my closet. I hope this helps you and works for you as well as it did for me!

1. If you wore it in high school, let it go.
There is absolutely no need to save this. It's not your wedding dress that you want to fit into every year. Whether it's been only a few years or a decade, high school is behind you now and there's absolutely no need for this to be part of any future outfits in your wardrobe. Maybe save a pair of jeans so you can always have that as motivation but that is all that you should have.

2. If you were shopping right this second?
If your closet were a store, would you buy any of the pieces you see hanging in your closet? If the answer is no, you know what to do. Our styles change, one day you may want to be a rocker chick and then summer comes and you're all about bohemian. It happens, but you don't want to keep it all. It will only cause really bad outfit decisions and an awful mix of the both. 

3. If it doesn't fit you anymore.
Don't save a pair of jeans or blouse with the hope that one day you will lose those 20lbs and they will fit again. If you want motivation, place a pretty small dress by your mirror every day. This will motivate you, but having it in the closet will not. Specially when we go through moments of trying everything in the closet and feeling huge. You want to be able to pull something out and know it will fit!

4. If you already wore it in a big occasion. 
Sometimes some dresses are only meant to be worn once. For example, your prom dress. Highly unlikely it will be used anywhere else. It cost you so much money you can't just throw it out or give it away? There's so many sites now a days where you can sell your dress and make some of that cash back. Invest this cash into another great outfit and let it repeat.

5. How many is too many?
Some things is unnecessary to have so many of. You don't need a closet full of tank tops or jeans in every color (guilty!). You want to have basic colors for the basic pieces such as tank tops and any under garments. With jeans I suggest the follow: Skinny jeans, distressed boyfriend jeans, boot cut jeans, white jeans, black jeans and the pattern print jeans. There you go. 

6. If you're not comfortable in that.
We all have those days in which we get home, we are so tired we just want to put on comfortable clothes on. Throw on that Led Zeppelin t-shirt and the yoga pants and finally just relax and be comfortable. Some tees have so many memories you can't let go. I have all my homecoming, prom and class of 2010 tees still sitting in my drawers. Why? Because of comfort and memories. This is something I would really wear out but rather wear in. Make sure you have some put away. You don't want to be in day clothes all the time and not feel relaxed once you're home watching Once Upon a Time.

7. Do you sleep in that?
I guilty of sometimes just coming home changing my jeans and putting on yoga pants and falling asleep in the same shirt I've been in all day. (Gross I know right?) Well when I was younger I had a set of pjs. I'm sure we all did or maybe still do (good for you), I would change in the mornings, fold them and place them under my pillow. I don't know when that changed. Maybe when I moved out who knows, but it's something I'm working on getting back to. Having a set of pjs is so important, you don't even know how much dirt and germs and all that nasty stuff in the air has is in your clothes! And you sleep right on it! Your bed should be the cleanest place in your house, having a clean set of pjs when you get ready to go to bed is the most amazing most relaxing feeling in the world. Trust me you will have the best sleep of your life!

8. Are those boots made for walking?
If you own a 100 pairs of pumps, heels and wedges but you live on flats... What's the point? Why do you need so many of something you don't even use? If you're like this you should invest in some great long lasting and comfortable flats, sneaks, short boots etc. rather than the style you're not comfortable wearing. Whether wise, if you live somewhere in which it's hot all the time (Florida only gets 2 weeks of winter) you don't need so many boots! Just as if you live somewhere cold and rainy (England for example) you don't need a million pair of flip flops. Think about it. Everything is good in moderation. Which brings me to number 9...

9. Quality over quantity
We've all lusted over the closet on every bloggers page, or YouTube guru, even Pinterest. We all want that amazing huge walk in closet filled with gorgeous pieces. One of my favorite bloggers/YouTube guru is Carly Cristman, I'll tell you why. She has beyond amazing outfits, what I love the absolute most about her is that she invest on her pieces. Her closet isn't beyond huge and filled with a million Forever 21 shirts, but instead one beautiful shirt from Zara. Don't get me wrong, I love Forever 21. But sometimes I temp to go for the $9.99 shirt rather than that beautiful shirt I like that's $39.99. It doesn't have to be a brand, if you love it and you absolutely want it, even if you only walk out of the store with one piece, do it. It's going to be the piece you love and it will last you a lot longer than the cheaper material ones. Your closet will thank you.

10. And finally variety!
You don't want to wear the same thing every time. I've been living out of a suit case for almost 3 months... From Florida to North Carolina to Georgia to England. My stuff won't come in for another month or so! I wish I had packed better, nothing I hate more than having to wear the same outfit or same thing over and over again. Specially around the same people because for reason I feel they can tell, but that's just me. That's why I created the main closet pieces to have so I can share with everyone what would be the most versatile pieces. So if you have a go to sweater or cardigan, try to also have a go to jacket or hoodie. The same goes for jeans, shoes and shirts. Variety!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

What's in my Make Up Bag? || Summer Edition

// Bag: Bath & Body Works (sold out) similar: here //

It's officially summer time and it's the perfect time to start tanning and changing up our look a little bit. As well as let our skin breath more after the cold weather has been through it. This is my summer make up bag! The must haves in my purse for the warm weather. I also got a new bag to put everything in so I can keep my purse more organized than just throwing it all in and making it a huge mess.

1. MAC Studio Fix || I use this mainly because my skin is a horrible mix of both dry and oily, so when my skin gets oily and shimmery I always have this to pat down and mattify my face so it's not so shiny and clearly oily. It's also perfect to set your concealer.

2. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural || I don't like to wear concealer during the hot summer because you can't help but sweat and it blocks your pores causing your skin to break out more. I just make it a priority to hydrate my skin a lot with night and day creams as well as drink plenty of water. This powder is very light and you don't need much! Apply it all over and it still provides a great coverage. 

3. Nars Blush || This is by far my favorite of all blushes. This particular color (Super Orgasm) has a nice peachy pink tone with gold shimmer. It helps add a lovely glow without it being too heavy.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel || I have pretty thick brows, to keep them in control this gel is wonderful! It doesn't flake or anything and it also doesn't make them look wet. They keep in perfect place and that's how you want your brows, on point!

5. EcoTools Large Powder Brush || This brush is so soft! I can't even explain how perfect this is. I haven't had any problems with losing fibers either which temps to happen to a lot of least expensive brushes. It's perfect to apply the mineral finish or hold the brush down with your fingers to flatten out and it works for countering and blush.

6. Benefit They're Real Mascara || I have a mini and a full size, I always carry this with me. Without it being waterproof, it's by far one of the best mascaras I've used, it adds volume and thickness without it weighing down your lashes. 

7. Urban Decay Brow Box || Sometimes I fill in my brows with powder sometimes with pencil, this honey pot color is the best powders I've used on them, a lot of the others I've tried are too red or orangy or way too blonde. I like to use the lighter on the center and use the darker towards the ends, it's not a huge drastic difference and blends in really nicely!

8. Femme Couture Eyebrow Pencil || I own this in every color except auburn because when I go lighter for summer, I like to brighten up my brows a bit, it stays so well even with the gel, doesn't smear off until I take it off.

9. Philosophy Kiss Me lipgloss || I just want to eat this. It's so soft, not sticky (ew) and it taste so good. The color so also not dark it's very light perfect for the summer time!

10. ELF Shimmering Facia Whip || It's a perfect and the cheapest highlighter for your face or body. This color is Lilac Petal. Just dab and smooth out on the bridge of your nose and the highest part of your cheekbones even on your Cupid's bow. It brightens up your face and gives you the perfect glow!

11. Physicians Formula Bronze Booster || It's summer so we all need that wonderful tan glow, even if you're faking it. This bronzed comes in little balls in different tones with a hint of shimmer, it's not heavy! Apply it to countur your face and necklines.

12. LancĂ´me Eyelash Curler || Am I the only one that has such bad luck with eyelash curlers? All the ones I buy always break and stop working. So I decided to invest and let me tell you, it's been well over a year and a half since I bought it and still the second strip is in and the curler works just as it did when I bought it. Well worth the money! I have straight lashes so I need a curler in my life, even if I don't wear makeup. I need to curl my eyelashes.

13. Baby Lips || Everyone has to have Chapstick but everyone has to at least try the baby lips line by maybelline. It's by far along with Burt's bees and eos my favorite if chapsticks! This one is pretty clear you can use it and add gloss on top or just by itself. Highly recommend them!
Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Overnight Oats Recipe

This is by far my favorite breakfast meal to make. I'm not a breakfast person, so cooking so early was always a drag. Until I found this, now I want one for every morning! It's so delicious and healthy, the fun part is you can change it around. I made mine very basic to try it for the first time but once I did, I already started imagining to make some of blueberries and cranberries. Yum! You must give this a try! Heres how I made mine...

(For your very own recipe to start with)
- Milk of your choice
- Rolled Oats
- Greek Yogurt

My Ingredients: 
(Enough to fit in an 8oz mason jar)
- 2/3 cup almond milk (vanilla)
- 1/2 cup organic rolled oats
- 1/2 cup of vanilla Greek yogurt
- 1/2 tsp of cinnamon


-1 Sliced banana

- Agave/honey
-Pinch of brown sugar

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, then pour in a mason jar (perfect for a seal tight container). Refrigerate the mixture overnight (or at least 4 hours). It's ready to go, you can choose to add any extras to your mixture, as well as a topping of your preference. Anything from chia seeds and raisins to strawberries and peaches! Make it your own.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Moving to England || So Far...

It's only been a month since we moved to England, but by now it feels much longer than that. You truly appreciate everything you took for granted! Like our futniture per say, or even just a decent wifi signal. Still our stuff won't be getting here for a few more weeks but at least I can finally have time to organize and update my blog! It's been a while since I've taken time to post as often so I'm trying to catch up on everything we've been living these days. We've been living out of suitcases, for me a lot longer than just this past month (since Florida) but thankfully it's not for much longer. We've been through 2 hotels but finally got our house! It's still European but much more Americanized, so the bedrooms are actually a decent size. However still no A/C of course, which I don't mind it at all, it's so nice and chilly outside that it's not needed. Their warmest day (so far) has been 74 degrees and it's beyond beautiful! 

Everyday I've lived here, I've enjoyed it. I'm excited every day and always looking forward to new things. New places to travel, I can honestly say this whole experience is one of the best ones by far. I know I'll get to the point of really missing home and my family and of course. Who wouldn't? But I'm so determined on enjoying life that I'm in a happy state of mind. Nothing can really bother me.

Our last walk in North Carolina

At the RDU Airport

As our date of move began to approached it never occurred to us what we would go through that day. We never seem to have the best of luck during any trips we make but this absolutely takes the cake. If anyone knows me they know my dogs are just like my kids. I would do anything to bring them with is in this move. As our move date arrived we thankfully decided to be at the airport a few hours early to get them checked in and settled. Delta had told us that with $400 they can both fly as baggage. Well come to our surprise they held us up for more than a few hours only to tell us that London had an embargo and weren't taking any pets as baggage. So they told us that we had to check them in as cargo after we had already missed our flight. They accommodated us for the night, told us that we have to call cargo and schedule something for them to be able to leave the next day. So that same night we called Deltas cargo just so they can tell us it would be $950. So we were able to have the money set and ready for them. As we call them again the next morning to get them checked, they told us it's $1500 instead and that they had to wait 3 days to be shipped. We have no family in North Carolina and we were over an hour drive away from the base we were staying at. It's as if Delta just expected us to leave our dogs in the street. They couldn't give us a straight answer or anything. They kept switching and sending us from person to person and telling us they couldn't help us at all. I wanted to cry. Even if I stayed behind I had no where to stay. No house, no car, no money left. We started calling friends with cars big enough to help us by picking them up. Thank God we have some amazing people in our lives. They picked them up and watched them for the week until my sister and my mom drove from Florida (13 hours there and back) to pick them up and bring them home to them. Delta isn't covering any of these expenses. All the gas money we had to pay all because they didn't know what to do or say and expected us to just abandon our dogs. Now that our dogs are back in Florida with family and we're stationed here in Lakenheath, we are dealing with a lot of out of pocket fees and we just need the help to bring our dogs to us so our family can feel complete again. We contacted United Pet Safe which was recommended to us by many military family's but since it's two dogs plus they would need to get their deworming re done another $400. Plus customs fees. It's truly been lonely without them but were working on saving as much as possible to have them here where they belong.

At ATL Airport killing time.
Ready to go & watching Frozen on the plane!
As we arrived, the first thing we notice of course is the crazy driving... I was flinching at every moment. But they all know what they're doing it's bizarre. I guess we just grew to know the right side of the road as they only right way. Also the fields of yellow flowers, so many fields, huge and so much greenery. I just couldn't stop looking, but we were also running on like 3 hours of sleep and a uncomfortable plane ride of 8 hours, we both knocked out in the car, once we checked in the hotel, it was nap time!

At the base hotel
So for the first 2-3 weeks we lived in a couple hotels, one on base and the other outside of base. What a difference! The one on base is more americanized but still with heaters and what not, also a livingroom, kitchen, and a whole lot more room. The one off base has the old style key, heaters, british tv, british tea! Tiny bedroom, just one full sized bed, one couch, one small tv and one bathroom. However it did have the spectacular view!

No filter needed!
Since it rains a lot and it's not blazing hot, it's so green everywhere! One of my favorite things is how many farms there is... My grandpa had a farm as I was a child so it's something we always loved to enjoy going to and seeing the animals. So for me to drive by here and see cows, horses, pigs, lambs and even bunnies! It's wonderful compared to the things I saw in North Carolina... Trucks with poor pigs and chickens stuffed in cages with barely any room to move in. It's horrifying. Here you truly know they're all cage free animals, and you can buy the meats, or eggs right there on the farm. Fresh and healthy! (Even the McDonalds has good healthier foods).

Worlington Hall House Hotel

Finally after these long weeks we got the keys to our new home! We were so happy to finally find one and it was perfect. It had everything we needed and a big yard for our girls when they get here!

Our house keys!
So now we're at just getting our furniture in and unpacking away. The house feels much more homelike now that we set up our bed. Still thats one thing down, 700 more to go! The hubs did get a british car meanwhile my car just arrived a few days ago. At least my car still has the drivers side on the left and its automatic, I had the worse time learning stick with the rental (I almost broke the car). Well this has been my experience so far in living in a new country. I still have a lot more to learn and experience but I'll keep updating as often as possible!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Top 14 Closet Must Haves!

For my birthday, I was able to get a small shopping spree. But as I researched what I wanted to buy (online since my favorite stores are no longer nearby) I realized something we all temp to do. I like to shop for a lot, and pay as little as possible. I think that's pretty obvious as to why. But truthfully every time I buy a lot, I always say to myself '$5? For this shirt? You can't beat that... I'll wear it someday" and that's the problem right there. Some day... And that day never comes. That shirt will sit in my closet for years and then when I clean out my closet, to the giveaway bin it goes. Those $5 could've gone to be part of one great piece. Which is why I decided to stop buying cheap (on certain things) and start investing in one great piece that can be so versatile. We all need those pieces in our closet that will make a great fabulous outfit without trying so hard. I made a list of all the great closet pieces must haves!

1. Black Blazer
A great fitted black blazer (and dare I say a white one for the warm weather) can be your pass at a job interview or a casual lunch out. Of course the color is perfect to go with any other so matching an outfit wouldn't be so difficult.

2. Striped Shirt
I would say I see the stripped shirts come out more when the warm weather peeks through. They look amazing with a great necklace some cargo shorts and flats. It's one of those shirts that can match any bottoms. Some say that stripes aren't flattering but I believe it's all on the neckline. If you know your perfect fit, this shirt will do you wonders and will be able to give you so many outfit ideas.

3. Statement Necklace
There's nothing I love more than a simplistic outfit and that amazing piece of jewelry. It makes the outfit whole just by adding a little bit of sparkle. From a flannel shirt to a black dress it really needs to be in your closet.

4. Lightweight Scarf
A scarf is such a perfect piece to transition between seasons. It can be heavy if you bundle it up or it can be light for a chilly air. I would recommend a bright color for spring or print and plums for winter. Scarves are just perfect for layering outfits.

5. Black Heels
Who doesn't own a pair of black heels by now? Black would be the best color because it can go perfect in any situation or any season. Whether it's casual pair it with some jeans, or classy with a dress. Even formal for that job you've been wanting for so long. It impresses and it's a must have!

6. White Tee
The versatile tee. This shirt can be dressed up or down. Lately it's been very typical to pair it with jeans, heels, a blazer and a statement necklace. Casual chic! Now if you're not into all that, throw on a flannel shirt, jean shorts and a fedora and you have yourself a perfect outfit.

7. Leather Jacket
A leather jacket just makes anyone look badass chic without trying too hard. I personally own about 3, I obsess over them specially in cold weather. I love dressing in black during those days so for me some boots, leather jacket and a scarf. Adds a little rocker babe look to any outfit.

8. Luggage Color Handbag
As Michael Kors said... Every girl needs a luggage color handbag! Why? Because the color is so neutral. It really goes with every and any outfit, as well as any season. Not only would I highly recommend the color but I'd also like to throw in a structured bag. It stands tall by itself, it maintains its look better that way and doesn't lose its shape whether you're wearing it or you set it aside. 

9. Oversized Watch
I have to admit I don't use my watch to tell time, I use it as a statement piece. However this watch is still such a huge necessity to your closet. Pair it with a lose girly outfit, it adds that umph. This would go great with dainty pieces of jewelry, it's better to always keep just one great statement piece to help it stand out.

10. Little Black Dress
Every woman needs a little black dress. I never owned one aside from the one from my maternity shoot. However recently I decided to invest on one. A black dress is the most versatile piece of clothing. Sometimes you get invited to events and are told to dress up. How much is too dressy? With a black dress your accessories make that decision, not the dress. You can't go wrong with one.

11. Trench Coat
When I worked for Michael Kors, they taught us that a trench coat was a must have for every woman. Now me being from Florida I find that extremely hard to believe... Until I moved to another place in which seasons really fell hard. I highly suggest investing in this piece as well as getting one that will flatter your figure with say a waist belt. Colors will vary but the main khaki color or black will always match any shoe colors. 

12. Black Leggings/Tights
When I was pregnant I never bought any maternity clothes because leggings exist! Sometimes it's such a lazy outfit but leggings are just amazing. They are comfortable and go with almost every outfit. Throw on some boots, a chambray shirt and you're out the door. 

13. White Converse
Not a lot may be a fan of converses but the white converses are the only ones (in my opinion) to make any comfortable outfit look so urban. Not to mention they're sneakers! Us women don't always get such flattering sneakers unless we add a wedge to it. Comfortable and they'll still let you have a great looking outfit and that's all I need to hear. 

14. Fedora/Floppy Hat
A great flowy hat can help make an outfit more casual. During spring and summer I'm all over this. I get a great dress, denim jacket, lightweight scarf and throw the fedora on. During fall season I love a dark floppy hat, a burgundy one is perfect! Throw on some plum lipstick and it's fashion approved! 

*Bonus 15. Maxi Dress
Who can forget the amazing maxi dress? For a transition between warm weather to cold weather, for the days we don't really want to dress up or the days we do but don't want to shave. Yes we've all been there! Cardigan or denim jacket and this outfit is pretty much complete. Easiest outfit during the hot or chilly weather. Also maxi dresses were the easiest outfits for me when I was pregnant. They are flattering and comfortable for those days.

(Picture sources from Pinterest)

Monday, June 09, 2014

Inspiration || Warm Days


I can almost taste summer and I can't wait!
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Summer Bucket List


1. Have a picnic. I want to make macaroni salad in mason jars!
2. Make homemade fruit popsicles. Even avocado ones for Jax to enjoy :)
3. Visit the aquarium in London.
4. Take family pictures. I need an update!
5. Go to the farmers market and experience shopping fresh organic fruits and homemade butters and breads! 
6. Go hiking at Thetford Forest. I can't wait for my pups to get here so they can enjoy all the space and fresh air.
7. Find a route nearby to go on walks on good days. It's cardio and it gets my chunks to stay calm and quiet.
8. Add string lights in our backyard fence and lit them up while having a bonfire. So relaxing.
9. Buy a grill and have BBQ days! I've been dying to try out so many grilling recipes.
10. Pick up on golfing (first time for everything). Although they don't have golf carts here, the fields are still pretty big and amazing.
11. Find a flower field and just go walk through it and enjoy the air. 
12. Buy a kite! I haven't flown one in ages, I wonder if they still sell them near by.
13. Find some peonies for my home! They just brighten up my day.
14. Drive to the White Dover cliffs and see some big bodies of water!
15. Get our passports set and ready for our next big adventure traveling through out Europe. Hubs still needs a real passport, unbelievable.

We are in the official countdown for summer! I have so many things I want to do with my family! My car should be arriving soon so I'm dying to get out there and explore while the hubs is at work. It gets a little crazy being home all day with the chunks. 

What do you have planned to do for this summer?


Saturday, June 07, 2014

DIY Distressed Jeans

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Hello London!


For my first mother's day ever, the hubs gave me one of the best gifts. To be able to travel the city of London! I've been dying to go and as the opportunity came along, hubs made it amazing. We took the bus tour and got to see all throughout the city. I can't even begin to describe the beauty of this city! The architectural details are more than a camera could capture and more than words could even describe. I fell in love with the city. This post is filled with some of my favorite photos that I took. I'll definitely plan more trips to London since we're not that far away and take more pictures. But for now this completely fulfilled my craving for travel. I know it's a way beyond late post, but I finally got internet at home and my computer arrived. Enjoy!

And of course the reason as to why I'm even able to celebrate Mother's Day. My lovely husband and my baby boy! Can't wait for many more to come.

How was your Mother's Day?