Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 Ways To Clean Out Your Closet

With the whole move I've been dealing with I was pretty much forced to clean out my closet. There was no way I could pack up everything. These are pretty much the main things I focused on and asked myself as I cleaned out my closet. I hope this helps you and works for you as well as it did for me!

1. If you wore it in high school, let it go.
There is absolutely no need to save this. It's not your wedding dress that you want to fit into every year. Whether it's been only a few years or a decade, high school is behind you now and there's absolutely no need for this to be part of any future outfits in your wardrobe. Maybe save a pair of jeans so you can always have that as motivation but that is all that you should have.

2. If you were shopping right this second?
If your closet were a store, would you buy any of the pieces you see hanging in your closet? If the answer is no, you know what to do. Our styles change, one day you may want to be a rocker chick and then summer comes and you're all about bohemian. It happens, but you don't want to keep it all. It will only cause really bad outfit decisions and an awful mix of the both. 

3. If it doesn't fit you anymore.
Don't save a pair of jeans or blouse with the hope that one day you will lose those 20lbs and they will fit again. If you want motivation, place a pretty small dress by your mirror every day. This will motivate you, but having it in the closet will not. Specially when we go through moments of trying everything in the closet and feeling huge. You want to be able to pull something out and know it will fit!

4. If you already wore it in a big occasion. 
Sometimes some dresses are only meant to be worn once. For example, your prom dress. Highly unlikely it will be used anywhere else. It cost you so much money you can't just throw it out or give it away? There's so many sites now a days where you can sell your dress and make some of that cash back. Invest this cash into another great outfit and let it repeat.

5. How many is too many?
Some things is unnecessary to have so many of. You don't need a closet full of tank tops or jeans in every color (guilty!). You want to have basic colors for the basic pieces such as tank tops and any under garments. With jeans I suggest the follow: Skinny jeans, distressed boyfriend jeans, boot cut jeans, white jeans, black jeans and the pattern print jeans. There you go. 

6. If you're not comfortable in that.
We all have those days in which we get home, we are so tired we just want to put on comfortable clothes on. Throw on that Led Zeppelin t-shirt and the yoga pants and finally just relax and be comfortable. Some tees have so many memories you can't let go. I have all my homecoming, prom and class of 2010 tees still sitting in my drawers. Why? Because of comfort and memories. This is something I would really wear out but rather wear in. Make sure you have some put away. You don't want to be in day clothes all the time and not feel relaxed once you're home watching Once Upon a Time.

7. Do you sleep in that?
I guilty of sometimes just coming home changing my jeans and putting on yoga pants and falling asleep in the same shirt I've been in all day. (Gross I know right?) Well when I was younger I had a set of pjs. I'm sure we all did or maybe still do (good for you), I would change in the mornings, fold them and place them under my pillow. I don't know when that changed. Maybe when I moved out who knows, but it's something I'm working on getting back to. Having a set of pjs is so important, you don't even know how much dirt and germs and all that nasty stuff in the air has is in your clothes! And you sleep right on it! Your bed should be the cleanest place in your house, having a clean set of pjs when you get ready to go to bed is the most amazing most relaxing feeling in the world. Trust me you will have the best sleep of your life!

8. Are those boots made for walking?
If you own a 100 pairs of pumps, heels and wedges but you live on flats... What's the point? Why do you need so many of something you don't even use? If you're like this you should invest in some great long lasting and comfortable flats, sneaks, short boots etc. rather than the style you're not comfortable wearing. Whether wise, if you live somewhere in which it's hot all the time (Florida only gets 2 weeks of winter) you don't need so many boots! Just as if you live somewhere cold and rainy (England for example) you don't need a million pair of flip flops. Think about it. Everything is good in moderation. Which brings me to number 9...

9. Quality over quantity
We've all lusted over the closet on every bloggers page, or YouTube guru, even Pinterest. We all want that amazing huge walk in closet filled with gorgeous pieces. One of my favorite bloggers/YouTube guru is Carly Cristman, I'll tell you why. She has beyond amazing outfits, what I love the absolute most about her is that she invest on her pieces. Her closet isn't beyond huge and filled with a million Forever 21 shirts, but instead one beautiful shirt from Zara. Don't get me wrong, I love Forever 21. But sometimes I temp to go for the $9.99 shirt rather than that beautiful shirt I like that's $39.99. It doesn't have to be a brand, if you love it and you absolutely want it, even if you only walk out of the store with one piece, do it. It's going to be the piece you love and it will last you a lot longer than the cheaper material ones. Your closet will thank you.

10. And finally variety!
You don't want to wear the same thing every time. I've been living out of a suit case for almost 3 months... From Florida to North Carolina to Georgia to England. My stuff won't come in for another month or so! I wish I had packed better, nothing I hate more than having to wear the same outfit or same thing over and over again. Specially around the same people because for reason I feel they can tell, but that's just me. That's why I created the main closet pieces to have so I can share with everyone what would be the most versatile pieces. So if you have a go to sweater or cardigan, try to also have a go to jacket or hoodie. The same goes for jeans, shoes and shirts. Variety!

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