Saturday, June 07, 2014

DIY Distressed Jeans

What you'll need:
- Pair of jeans
- Regular bleach
- Scissors
- Gloves
- Toothbrush or spray bottle 
You want to start by adding cuts throughout the jeans, I added too many so it ripped a whole lot more than I wanted it to, so I recommend less cuts and a little further apart! Cut more in the front of the legs since its where it will show more, the back requires some too but not as many as the front. Don't forget to be creative and just add cuts wherever you choose to!
I dipped the toothbrush into the bleach and sprayed the jeans with the bristles and then just in a swatting motion to get bigger blots. Remember to use the gloves! Bleach is very strong and can burn your skin, not to mention your hands will smell very strong for the next day!
I made sure to do the front first, then back and finally the sides (you don't want the sides to be forgotten and dark) then I let the bleach sit on there for about an hour. This is how it looked before I dipped it in the cold water and then threw it in the washer and dryer.
This is my final result. Like I said i wish I would've done less cuts, and I did have some ripping towards the bottom so I folded cuffs and made it into shorts. I left the liner in there because it gave it a nice contrast, however a lot of bigger boy jeans don't come with liner so it's really up to you and your personal preference.

These were my practice jeans, I now know what I did wrong and how i want to change it. You can always add some special touches like pyramid studs (like the ones here) and make it more rocker chic!



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