Saturday, June 14, 2014

Moving to England || So Far...

It's only been a month since we moved to England, but by now it feels much longer than that. You truly appreciate everything you took for granted! Like our futniture per say, or even just a decent wifi signal. Still our stuff won't be getting here for a few more weeks but at least I can finally have time to organize and update my blog! It's been a while since I've taken time to post as often so I'm trying to catch up on everything we've been living these days. We've been living out of suitcases, for me a lot longer than just this past month (since Florida) but thankfully it's not for much longer. We've been through 2 hotels but finally got our house! It's still European but much more Americanized, so the bedrooms are actually a decent size. However still no A/C of course, which I don't mind it at all, it's so nice and chilly outside that it's not needed. Their warmest day (so far) has been 74 degrees and it's beyond beautiful! 

Everyday I've lived here, I've enjoyed it. I'm excited every day and always looking forward to new things. New places to travel, I can honestly say this whole experience is one of the best ones by far. I know I'll get to the point of really missing home and my family and of course. Who wouldn't? But I'm so determined on enjoying life that I'm in a happy state of mind. Nothing can really bother me.

Our last walk in North Carolina

At the RDU Airport

As our date of move began to approached it never occurred to us what we would go through that day. We never seem to have the best of luck during any trips we make but this absolutely takes the cake. If anyone knows me they know my dogs are just like my kids. I would do anything to bring them with is in this move. As our move date arrived we thankfully decided to be at the airport a few hours early to get them checked in and settled. Delta had told us that with $400 they can both fly as baggage. Well come to our surprise they held us up for more than a few hours only to tell us that London had an embargo and weren't taking any pets as baggage. So they told us that we had to check them in as cargo after we had already missed our flight. They accommodated us for the night, told us that we have to call cargo and schedule something for them to be able to leave the next day. So that same night we called Deltas cargo just so they can tell us it would be $950. So we were able to have the money set and ready for them. As we call them again the next morning to get them checked, they told us it's $1500 instead and that they had to wait 3 days to be shipped. We have no family in North Carolina and we were over an hour drive away from the base we were staying at. It's as if Delta just expected us to leave our dogs in the street. They couldn't give us a straight answer or anything. They kept switching and sending us from person to person and telling us they couldn't help us at all. I wanted to cry. Even if I stayed behind I had no where to stay. No house, no car, no money left. We started calling friends with cars big enough to help us by picking them up. Thank God we have some amazing people in our lives. They picked them up and watched them for the week until my sister and my mom drove from Florida (13 hours there and back) to pick them up and bring them home to them. Delta isn't covering any of these expenses. All the gas money we had to pay all because they didn't know what to do or say and expected us to just abandon our dogs. Now that our dogs are back in Florida with family and we're stationed here in Lakenheath, we are dealing with a lot of out of pocket fees and we just need the help to bring our dogs to us so our family can feel complete again. We contacted United Pet Safe which was recommended to us by many military family's but since it's two dogs plus they would need to get their deworming re done another $400. Plus customs fees. It's truly been lonely without them but were working on saving as much as possible to have them here where they belong.

At ATL Airport killing time.
Ready to go & watching Frozen on the plane!
As we arrived, the first thing we notice of course is the crazy driving... I was flinching at every moment. But they all know what they're doing it's bizarre. I guess we just grew to know the right side of the road as they only right way. Also the fields of yellow flowers, so many fields, huge and so much greenery. I just couldn't stop looking, but we were also running on like 3 hours of sleep and a uncomfortable plane ride of 8 hours, we both knocked out in the car, once we checked in the hotel, it was nap time!

At the base hotel
So for the first 2-3 weeks we lived in a couple hotels, one on base and the other outside of base. What a difference! The one on base is more americanized but still with heaters and what not, also a livingroom, kitchen, and a whole lot more room. The one off base has the old style key, heaters, british tv, british tea! Tiny bedroom, just one full sized bed, one couch, one small tv and one bathroom. However it did have the spectacular view!

No filter needed!
Since it rains a lot and it's not blazing hot, it's so green everywhere! One of my favorite things is how many farms there is... My grandpa had a farm as I was a child so it's something we always loved to enjoy going to and seeing the animals. So for me to drive by here and see cows, horses, pigs, lambs and even bunnies! It's wonderful compared to the things I saw in North Carolina... Trucks with poor pigs and chickens stuffed in cages with barely any room to move in. It's horrifying. Here you truly know they're all cage free animals, and you can buy the meats, or eggs right there on the farm. Fresh and healthy! (Even the McDonalds has good healthier foods).

Worlington Hall House Hotel

Finally after these long weeks we got the keys to our new home! We were so happy to finally find one and it was perfect. It had everything we needed and a big yard for our girls when they get here!

Our house keys!
So now we're at just getting our furniture in and unpacking away. The house feels much more homelike now that we set up our bed. Still thats one thing down, 700 more to go! The hubs did get a british car meanwhile my car just arrived a few days ago. At least my car still has the drivers side on the left and its automatic, I had the worse time learning stick with the rental (I almost broke the car). Well this has been my experience so far in living in a new country. I still have a lot more to learn and experience but I'll keep updating as often as possible!


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