Sunday, June 08, 2014

Summer Bucket List


1. Have a picnic. I want to make macaroni salad in mason jars!
2. Make homemade fruit popsicles. Even avocado ones for Jax to enjoy :)
3. Visit the aquarium in London.
4. Take family pictures. I need an update!
5. Go to the farmers market and experience shopping fresh organic fruits and homemade butters and breads! 
6. Go hiking at Thetford Forest. I can't wait for my pups to get here so they can enjoy all the space and fresh air.
7. Find a route nearby to go on walks on good days. It's cardio and it gets my chunks to stay calm and quiet.
8. Add string lights in our backyard fence and lit them up while having a bonfire. So relaxing.
9. Buy a grill and have BBQ days! I've been dying to try out so many grilling recipes.
10. Pick up on golfing (first time for everything). Although they don't have golf carts here, the fields are still pretty big and amazing.
11. Find a flower field and just go walk through it and enjoy the air. 
12. Buy a kite! I haven't flown one in ages, I wonder if they still sell them near by.
13. Find some peonies for my home! They just brighten up my day.
14. Drive to the White Dover cliffs and see some big bodies of water!
15. Get our passports set and ready for our next big adventure traveling through out Europe. Hubs still needs a real passport, unbelievable.

We are in the official countdown for summer! I have so many things I want to do with my family! My car should be arriving soon so I'm dying to get out there and explore while the hubs is at work. It gets a little crazy being home all day with the chunks. 

What do you have planned to do for this summer?


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