Thursday, June 12, 2014

Top 14 Closet Must Haves!

For my birthday, I was able to get a small shopping spree. But as I researched what I wanted to buy (online since my favorite stores are no longer nearby) I realized something we all temp to do. I like to shop for a lot, and pay as little as possible. I think that's pretty obvious as to why. But truthfully every time I buy a lot, I always say to myself '$5? For this shirt? You can't beat that... I'll wear it someday" and that's the problem right there. Some day... And that day never comes. That shirt will sit in my closet for years and then when I clean out my closet, to the giveaway bin it goes. Those $5 could've gone to be part of one great piece. Which is why I decided to stop buying cheap (on certain things) and start investing in one great piece that can be so versatile. We all need those pieces in our closet that will make a great fabulous outfit without trying so hard. I made a list of all the great closet pieces must haves!

1. Black Blazer
A great fitted black blazer (and dare I say a white one for the warm weather) can be your pass at a job interview or a casual lunch out. Of course the color is perfect to go with any other so matching an outfit wouldn't be so difficult.

2. Striped Shirt
I would say I see the stripped shirts come out more when the warm weather peeks through. They look amazing with a great necklace some cargo shorts and flats. It's one of those shirts that can match any bottoms. Some say that stripes aren't flattering but I believe it's all on the neckline. If you know your perfect fit, this shirt will do you wonders and will be able to give you so many outfit ideas.

3. Statement Necklace
There's nothing I love more than a simplistic outfit and that amazing piece of jewelry. It makes the outfit whole just by adding a little bit of sparkle. From a flannel shirt to a black dress it really needs to be in your closet.

4. Lightweight Scarf
A scarf is such a perfect piece to transition between seasons. It can be heavy if you bundle it up or it can be light for a chilly air. I would recommend a bright color for spring or print and plums for winter. Scarves are just perfect for layering outfits.

5. Black Heels
Who doesn't own a pair of black heels by now? Black would be the best color because it can go perfect in any situation or any season. Whether it's casual pair it with some jeans, or classy with a dress. Even formal for that job you've been wanting for so long. It impresses and it's a must have!

6. White Tee
The versatile tee. This shirt can be dressed up or down. Lately it's been very typical to pair it with jeans, heels, a blazer and a statement necklace. Casual chic! Now if you're not into all that, throw on a flannel shirt, jean shorts and a fedora and you have yourself a perfect outfit.

7. Leather Jacket
A leather jacket just makes anyone look badass chic without trying too hard. I personally own about 3, I obsess over them specially in cold weather. I love dressing in black during those days so for me some boots, leather jacket and a scarf. Adds a little rocker babe look to any outfit.

8. Luggage Color Handbag
As Michael Kors said... Every girl needs a luggage color handbag! Why? Because the color is so neutral. It really goes with every and any outfit, as well as any season. Not only would I highly recommend the color but I'd also like to throw in a structured bag. It stands tall by itself, it maintains its look better that way and doesn't lose its shape whether you're wearing it or you set it aside. 

9. Oversized Watch
I have to admit I don't use my watch to tell time, I use it as a statement piece. However this watch is still such a huge necessity to your closet. Pair it with a lose girly outfit, it adds that umph. This would go great with dainty pieces of jewelry, it's better to always keep just one great statement piece to help it stand out.

10. Little Black Dress
Every woman needs a little black dress. I never owned one aside from the one from my maternity shoot. However recently I decided to invest on one. A black dress is the most versatile piece of clothing. Sometimes you get invited to events and are told to dress up. How much is too dressy? With a black dress your accessories make that decision, not the dress. You can't go wrong with one.

11. Trench Coat
When I worked for Michael Kors, they taught us that a trench coat was a must have for every woman. Now me being from Florida I find that extremely hard to believe... Until I moved to another place in which seasons really fell hard. I highly suggest investing in this piece as well as getting one that will flatter your figure with say a waist belt. Colors will vary but the main khaki color or black will always match any shoe colors. 

12. Black Leggings/Tights
When I was pregnant I never bought any maternity clothes because leggings exist! Sometimes it's such a lazy outfit but leggings are just amazing. They are comfortable and go with almost every outfit. Throw on some boots, a chambray shirt and you're out the door. 

13. White Converse
Not a lot may be a fan of converses but the white converses are the only ones (in my opinion) to make any comfortable outfit look so urban. Not to mention they're sneakers! Us women don't always get such flattering sneakers unless we add a wedge to it. Comfortable and they'll still let you have a great looking outfit and that's all I need to hear. 

14. Fedora/Floppy Hat
A great flowy hat can help make an outfit more casual. During spring and summer I'm all over this. I get a great dress, denim jacket, lightweight scarf and throw the fedora on. During fall season I love a dark floppy hat, a burgundy one is perfect! Throw on some plum lipstick and it's fashion approved! 

*Bonus 15. Maxi Dress
Who can forget the amazing maxi dress? For a transition between warm weather to cold weather, for the days we don't really want to dress up or the days we do but don't want to shave. Yes we've all been there! Cardigan or denim jacket and this outfit is pretty much complete. Easiest outfit during the hot or chilly weather. Also maxi dresses were the easiest outfits for me when I was pregnant. They are flattering and comfortable for those days.

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