Saturday, June 21, 2014

What's in my Make Up Bag? || Summer Edition

// Bag: Bath & Body Works (sold out) similar: here //

It's officially summer time and it's the perfect time to start tanning and changing up our look a little bit. As well as let our skin breath more after the cold weather has been through it. This is my summer make up bag! The must haves in my purse for the warm weather. I also got a new bag to put everything in so I can keep my purse more organized than just throwing it all in and making it a huge mess.

1. MAC Studio Fix || I use this mainly because my skin is a horrible mix of both dry and oily, so when my skin gets oily and shimmery I always have this to pat down and mattify my face so it's not so shiny and clearly oily. It's also perfect to set your concealer.

2. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural || I don't like to wear concealer during the hot summer because you can't help but sweat and it blocks your pores causing your skin to break out more. I just make it a priority to hydrate my skin a lot with night and day creams as well as drink plenty of water. This powder is very light and you don't need much! Apply it all over and it still provides a great coverage. 

3. Nars Blush || This is by far my favorite of all blushes. This particular color (Super Orgasm) has a nice peachy pink tone with gold shimmer. It helps add a lovely glow without it being too heavy.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel || I have pretty thick brows, to keep them in control this gel is wonderful! It doesn't flake or anything and it also doesn't make them look wet. They keep in perfect place and that's how you want your brows, on point!

5. EcoTools Large Powder Brush || This brush is so soft! I can't even explain how perfect this is. I haven't had any problems with losing fibers either which temps to happen to a lot of least expensive brushes. It's perfect to apply the mineral finish or hold the brush down with your fingers to flatten out and it works for countering and blush.

6. Benefit They're Real Mascara || I have a mini and a full size, I always carry this with me. Without it being waterproof, it's by far one of the best mascaras I've used, it adds volume and thickness without it weighing down your lashes. 

7. Urban Decay Brow Box || Sometimes I fill in my brows with powder sometimes with pencil, this honey pot color is the best powders I've used on them, a lot of the others I've tried are too red or orangy or way too blonde. I like to use the lighter on the center and use the darker towards the ends, it's not a huge drastic difference and blends in really nicely!

8. Femme Couture Eyebrow Pencil || I own this in every color except auburn because when I go lighter for summer, I like to brighten up my brows a bit, it stays so well even with the gel, doesn't smear off until I take it off.

9. Philosophy Kiss Me lipgloss || I just want to eat this. It's so soft, not sticky (ew) and it taste so good. The color so also not dark it's very light perfect for the summer time!

10. ELF Shimmering Facia Whip || It's a perfect and the cheapest highlighter for your face or body. This color is Lilac Petal. Just dab and smooth out on the bridge of your nose and the highest part of your cheekbones even on your Cupid's bow. It brightens up your face and gives you the perfect glow!

11. Physicians Formula Bronze Booster || It's summer so we all need that wonderful tan glow, even if you're faking it. This bronzed comes in little balls in different tones with a hint of shimmer, it's not heavy! Apply it to countur your face and necklines.

12. LancĂ´me Eyelash Curler || Am I the only one that has such bad luck with eyelash curlers? All the ones I buy always break and stop working. So I decided to invest and let me tell you, it's been well over a year and a half since I bought it and still the second strip is in and the curler works just as it did when I bought it. Well worth the money! I have straight lashes so I need a curler in my life, even if I don't wear makeup. I need to curl my eyelashes.

13. Baby Lips || Everyone has to have Chapstick but everyone has to at least try the baby lips line by maybelline. It's by far along with Burt's bees and eos my favorite if chapsticks! This one is pretty clear you can use it and add gloss on top or just by itself. Highly recommend them!

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