Thursday, July 17, 2014

First Birthday || Vintage Carnival

I've been having such an obsession with carnivals lately. We've gone to a couple in the last month. I just love the brightness in the lights, the vintage, the fun and of course all the junk food! I'm about 4 months away from Jaxs 1st birthday but as other moms have recommended, not too early to start planning. So I decided to go with the 'Vintage Carnival' theme idea. I'm not doing a huge party, just family and it will be in Florida so I'm mostly concentrating in the main pieces for decor and food than to rent a huge tent. I put together some pieces that have inspired me. I'm hoping to create some of these project as DIYs so I don't break the budget. Besides his actual birthday party I'm also planning his photoshoot which if its too expensive, I'll be taking myself. I always take his pictures but I would love to have these professionally taken for memory keep sake. I will start purchasing a few things each month and have them delivered to Florida so I don't have to bring it all back with me and run the risk of having something ruined. 

I can't believe how fast time is going by and I will be having a one year old in less than half a year... I think every mom would agree that it goes by too fast. I'm excited to celebrate but so sad that my baby will be becoming a toddler soon. I want him to look back on all of his pictures and see how he had a fun childhood and that we tried to provide nothing but the best for him. 


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