Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Making of Harry Potter // Studio Tour

If you know me, you know I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Ive been addicted to the books ever since I can remember. I used to stay up late at night in my bathroom floor reading for hours and hours at a time. I had heard about this tour but never saw it as a possibility since it is here in the UK. Well not anymore, I can finally check this off my bucket list! Pictures don't do justice to this amazing magical place. Everything from the sets, props, hair and makeup, to architecture and engineering. Visual effects, and so much more! I even got to have some butterbeer. Way better than Disney World! I took way too many pictures to even fit in a blog post. I just decided to share a few of my favorites. If you're ever in the UK and you're a fan of the franchise, I can't recommend visiting here enough! You will fall in love all over again. I'm currently back to reading these amazing books! 

I had to take advantage and wear my amazing Hogwarts shirt /// Shirt from Forever 21
Showing Jax his future school ;)


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