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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cirque Du Jaxon || O N E

Picture overload! Planning this birthday party took a few months and a lot of shipping! With us being in England and my family and location of the party in Florida. I did save a lot of money by creating a lot of things myself as well as baking and decorating everything from the main cake to smash cake and cupcakes! (Thank you Pinterest!)

The weather way beyond perfect today and I was so relieved! If you live in Florida you know how bipolar the weather can be. Originally it was scheduled to rain so I'm glad it didn't. We rented the carousel bouncy house and the cotton candy machine, they were a huge hit. It was perfect especially for all the little kids. I didn't want them to be bored. On the menu we had, cheddar burgers, mini corn dogs, turkey and cheese rolls, popcorn chicken, fries, papa a la huancaina (peruvian dish), popcorn with a variety of seasonings, chocolates, animal crackers, donuts, cotton candy, red velvet cupcakes, and one of my favorite things my sister and I made, Candy Apples! Jax loved everything! Of course he got to try everything, he's the birthday boy! 

Music wise I left it all up to my sister and her pandora stations of some good mix of current music. I couldn't be more than grateful to my family for doing all this for us and helping us create one of Jaxs biggest memory in his life. My sister for cooking most of the food and making such delicious cheddar burgers, my second family (my best friend) for coming early to help me decorate, clean up and even grill the burgers! I couldn't be more thankful. 

Jax got so many gifts he literally took up both my suitcases plus carry on! Good thing I didn't shop for myself on this trip, he's got toys galore! He definitely won't be getting any more toys for Christmas, maybe some more useful things instead like books. Here are a good amount of pictures taken, I didn't want to overfill it with pictures. Enjoy!

If you have any questions regarding where I got certain things please feel free to email me here!

Alright so my friends and I had a blast in there too.
Inside the bouncy house ^^

After a long nap he opened all his presents :)

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