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Thursday, December 31, 2015

16 Resolutions for 2016

Happy New Years Eve! I hope everyone had a great Christmas break and enjoyed time with family and lots of delicious food. I can't believe another year has gone by and by tomorrow we will be starting a brand new year. For us 2016 is a HUGE year since we don't know if it will be our last year living in England or not, only God knows how things will go. Regardless we will enjoy every bit of it and strive to achieve our 16 personal resolutions...
Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers

|| 1. toy car | 2. socks | 3. candy | 4. harmonica | 5. bath abcs | 6. train whistle | 7. large crayons | 8. coloring book ||

Holiday Gift Guide || For Kids

|| 1. minions | 2. slinky | 3. play food | 4. shopping cart | 5. kindle | 6. car | 7. bowling set | 8. vacuum | 9. wagon | 10. camera ||

1. Minion - Lately my son has been obsessed over the minions, it was in fact the first movie he ever went to see. He knows almost every part of the movie by memory and learned to say banana thanks to them as well. A minion toy that talks, specially phrases by the movie is perfect! 

2. Slinky - This is such a 90s or even older toy and such a simple concept yet thats exactly what entertains them the most. push it down the stairs and they'll love it even more.

3. Play Food - Whether you have a boy or a girl there will be a point when your kid will pretend to eat something or cook it, you just gotta go along with it and enjoy that delicious felt cookie.

4. Shopping Cart - Every child goes through a moment of loving to push anything, from the moment they start to walk. My son has a simple plastic one a friend gave us and he takes it everywhere and I mean everywhere we go!

5. Kindle - As much as I love technology, I love that my son isn't glued to the tv or a tablet 24/7. However we do travel quite a bit and to get through those long 10 hour flights or 5+ drives we would fill up the iPad with all his favorite movies. However iPads aren't cheap and if they break, well you know the rest. The Kindle is not only built to handle hard falls but it had a kids mode that you are able to control and small enough to fit in those little hands. Also super inexpensive and affordable!

6. Car - Cars are just fun for any kid, they love to ride around and roam the streets. I made sure that when I was searching for a car I needed it to have a parental control (you never know where they may take off to) as well as a seat belt and music (my little one loves to jam in the car). Needless to say my already cars obsessed child will have endless fun.

7. Bowling Set - Sometimes our little ones love to throw things whether its in anger or for fun, I think this would really help them focus and hit some stuff all in good nature fun.

8. Vacuum - For the little one that likes to copy mommy or daddy and likes to push things around.

9. Wagon - So this may be more of a present for us parents but I'm sure they enjoy sightseeing in this. You can even add seats with seatbelt or a canopy for rainy days.

10. Camera - I'm a photography taker. I snap pictures as often as I can and when I can and I believe that rubs off. I've caught my son holding up my camera and pretending to snap photos and I just knew he would love this gorgeous wooden camera. That and i don't put my expensive camera at risk.

Ever since he was born I knew I didn't want to have endless amounts of toys all throughout my house, so I've always thought carefully of things that not only will last but he will be entertained by and aren't going to end up at a garage sale. Focusing only on his actual likes rather than the latest trend. His best Christmas yet!

Side note: Please remember that if you still keep the Santa gift tradition for your little ones, to be modest. Something small and simple. No Santa should be leaving an iPad while other kids only receive a train.

Happy Holidays!
Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide || For Him & Her

||1. whisky wedge glass | 2. theme socks | 3. sunglasses | 4. working hands cream | 5. beats pill | 6. smart watch | 7. boots | 8. BB8 | 9. fitbit | 10. graphic tee ||
1. Whisky Wedge Glass - If your significant other enjoys a drink every now and then, this is perfect for a nice cool drink. Look even fancier than you are.

2. Theme Socks - As we get older we really do appreciate other things don't we? Socks just get better and better!

3. Sunglasses - Keep those beautiful eyes protected year round and in style!

4. Working Hands Cream - If your significant other works with their hands often this is a must have. My husband is a avionics specialist so his hands are roughen up, I like to make sure he keeps them nice and soft not just for himself but for myself as well. We don't want rough hands touching us don't we?

5. Beat Pills - Music on the go is perfect when they either have homework, work or just outside hanging out. Easy to carry anywhere and the sound quality is amazing!

6. Smart Watch - If your significant other is like mine and always "misses" calls from keeping his phone in his pocket then this is a great gadget for them. Not only is this a nice looking watch that he can wear anywhere but it takes your phone calls and shows you who is calling! 

7. Boots - I like to call these 'year round boots', we live in England so the rough roads and mostly cool weather allows this. They're comfy and stylish for you man!

8. BB8 - Star Wars has been the huge movie of the year. My husband is a huge fan (not going to lie, I'm becoming one the more I learn about it). This little droid is just a fun gadget for true star wars fans.

9. Fitbit - Perfect to keep in shape in a small accessories that fits perfectly on your wrist.

10. Graphic Tees - Tees are such a fun way to say funny things. I always get my husband graphic tees of things he likes.

|| 1. chatbooks | 2. pink bow pumps | 3. bathrobe | 4. starbucks tumbler | 5. leather gloves | 6. quay australia sunnies | 7. candle | 8. nikes | 9. polaroid camera | 10. journal ||

1. Chatbooks - I signed up a year ago and I wish I had known about it since Jax was born. You can make a lovely 60 page book full of images they find dear to themselves as a keepsake forever.

2. Pink Bow Pumps - New Year is right around the corner however so is Spring. These lovely bow pumps (bow can be removed) are a perfect match for a bodycon midi dress!

3. Bathrobe - Any robe really, I like to relax in something comfy in the mornings or before bed. This robe is so luxurious you'll feel like you are in a spa!

4. Starbucks Tumblr - Whether you are a coffee drinker, tea drinker, smoothie drinker, wine drinker? A cute tumblr has become more of a accessory than just a drink cup.

5. Leather Gloves - They just work so well for winter.

6. Quay Sunnies - Quay Australia has become my favorite sunglass company! I own 6 pairs and I want more! They're styles are so unique and make such a statement piece.

7. Candle - These not only smell like heaven... wait no.. thats it. They smell like heaven. Enough said!

8. Nikes - Make your new years resolution stick with these gorgeous stylish nikes! They're so comfortable and unique looking.

9. Polaroid Camera - For cute photo ops on the go.

10. Journal - I like to have notes by my desk every time, I come up with so many ideas that sometimes I feel like typing it isn't enough. Writing it down makes it happen! I love a sturdy college rule notebook with a gorgeous from design.
Sunday, November 22, 2015

Blogging Break || Autumn 2015

I took some much needed time away from blogging to focus on myself and my family. Specially since my husband was gone, my son needed my attention 24/7. I even took a break from photographing as much as I like to. Nonetheless I'm excited to have my family back together and with many trips coming up I decided to start blogging once more since not only is it blogging for myself, it's also memories of my son, my family and our life overall. (Whether anyone reads it or not) Here we are Autumn 2015 the best part of the year (minus the very little sunlight England gives us this time of year) the holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving is less than a week away and Christmas is right down the street!

My ultimate goal this and next year is to upgrade my camera into my dream camera and start a portfolio like I've always wanted to. To be a photographer you don't need classes however I'm hoping to take some only to learn more and be better at what I do. I'm also working on more paintings to add to my Etsy store! (Be on the lookout) Slowly but surely I definitely feel more put together this time than I used to be. I'm hoping to work more on my blogging as well adding more toddler/mama things, fashion outfits, even some delicious recipes!

 Here goes to another year!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Jaxon Alexander || Turns 2

My little boy is turning 2. I have no idea how to process the thought that he's growing up and becoming more independent. I wanted to make this post for me to have a few thoughts to remember about this age and his current silly sayings.


  • Ballons. Currently we watch UP about 5 times a day because it perfectly combines his love for dogs, balloons and airplanes. The first time he watched it he had a series of feels going on, with excitement and worry as the balloons flew up he would point at the TV and say "oh ooonss no no no no". 
  • Our Pups. We have pictures of our dogs up on the wall and every day he points at each and says "azzy and elly" (jazzy & belle). So I got some printed out for him and he gives them kisses as well as loves looking back at our chatbooks and points them out with a huge smile on his face. He loves his pups.
  • Dancing. At the end of movies like Wreck it Ralph he gets down on all fours and shakes his booty up in the air. His signature dance move!
  • Spaghetti. He's like any other toddler and goes through eating habits. One week he will eat everything I give him while the next he's barely serving off goldfish and vanilla wafers. However spaghetti has been his one and only meal he will eat alongside chicken nuggets.
  • Cars. It's no surprise his birthday theme this year is all about Cars. His love for them is beyond me, he can play with them for hours and every time we go to the store to get him to pick something else he always gravitates to them. We can't escape them, his daddy doesn't mind one bit.
  • Trolley. Or as shopping cart, same thing. One of my good friends gave him one since he loved her sons one and he uses it every single day. To the point that even going grocery shopping or anywhere really he has to bring it. He pushes it everywhere and sometimes even carries his toys in it. 
  • To be tackled. This is such a daddy and him bonding time, he loves it when they play rough, he gets tickled and thrown on the bed. I love seeing them playing together like this however when daddy isn't home I'm the one getting tickled and tackled.
  • Belly Buttons. I don't know why but if you take off your shirt or just barely lift it he runs up to you and points to your belly button and just laughs. I think it's adorable.
  • Agua. He drinks water all day every day. I think it's pretty funny since he used to love milk and hated water but as toddlers go he changed his mind and switched. He will bring me his sippy cup and hands me a water bottle and says 'aqua'. 


  • Milk. I hate that he hates milk because he needs it. However he will have it if I make smoothies or my morning shake (with tons of greens) and I actually love that even more because he gets all his nutrients without even knowing it. 
  • To be dirty. After any meal or even if he just touches something gross he doesn't like it. He runs to me to wipe his hands clean or he will find the wipes and clean himself up.
  • Fingernails too long or breaking. This is an odd one but he doesn't like it if he has a hang nail, he picks at it and pulls it or asks me to cut his nail. He's very picky about the way it is. Once its cut he stops picking at it.
  • Paper on crayons. The crayons comes with a paper wrap on each, well he likes to pick them off. He doesn't like to use them with the paper for some reason. Once it's off he colors away.
I'm happy he doesn't have many dislikes more like things that bother him however he's still such a happy kid and he's so silly. He's going to be such a goofball and I love that he manages to keep a smile on our faces and make our days.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Homecoming || He's Home!

Shirt- H&M sold out (similar), Leather Leggings- ASOS, Boots- Spy Love Buy
Debuting new bright purple hair, thigh high boots and all in dark (as per usual) I was so excited I forgot to put on lipstick! My man is finally home after a long 6months+ deployment!! We missed him so much but we are so happy to finally have him back! We've been here and in Florida for quite the entire time he was gone so we didn't blog very much but now that he's back we are so excited to go to new places and explore Europe as a family. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Daddy's Coming Home!


Friday, August 07, 2015

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle was such a last minute trip however we still enjoyed it. Not the drive though, I didn't like driving for 2 hours there and back by myself after a long day spend walking and exploring. We still loved it though. A lot of the photographs are selfies because it's usually just me and Jax going out since the hubs is still deployed (we miss you). I bought Jax the coolest soft sword and a knights hat and he was so happy with it. He walked everywhere with it and chased the peacocks! 

The best part about England is just all the history they have in any location. This is why I love this place so much! It's old and beautiful, I don't ever get tired of the views it has to offer. There was a wedding happening the same day so a lot of things were moved to the side for the tables and the church was closed since it was getting used for the wedding. We even got to see the bride and groom drive in a luxurious vintage car. Pretty cool. 

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Traveling with a One Year Old

Since Jax was born he has been on 14 different flights and even many more road trips. From 3 to 13 hours drives and 2 to 10 hours flights. I has gotten a little bit tougher to travel with him the older he gets, I'm sure there is a point in which he will know what's going on and will entertain himself with his movies and so on but for now it was a toss in the air of how it would go.

When it comes to drives I usually have the long drives with my husband so I can attend to Jax if he needs food or water or whatever it may be. However flying wise I temp to do on my own 90% of the time. This is mainly because my husband doesn't get many days off so we try to travel often to see family back home. When we lived in North Carolina a 2 hour flight wasn't bad at all, also Jax was merely a newborn (a baby wrap did the trick every time!) Even with his car seat he would sleep for hours! However now things have changed. We now live in England, roughly a 10 hour flight from MIA. I was alone and having to carry luggage (2 big bags to check in, a carry on, a diaper bag and a purse) and of course Jaxs (whom started walking at 10 months old and now everything looks perfect for him to run off to). I googled endlessly of travel tips because I didn't want to struggle specially being alone. Once again a flight back to Florida is right around the corner, this time I don't even have my husband to drive us to the airport! It's all on me so I thought I would put together a few things that have helped me so much on our travels.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Southwold Beachside

I was so excited to go with my friend here since she's from England she knows so much more than I. At a lovely 70 degrees, the beaches aren't what a Floridian expects, however still enjoyable and relaxing. The huts near the beach are very well known as they're in beautiful colors and run all along the beach. You can rent them and stay the night, they're a one tiny room with a tiny stove a bed and chair. 

Jax loved throwing rocks at the water, since the beaches are full of rocks. We enjoyed some ice cream... Well more like Jax enjoyed my ice cream and they also had a huge flea market going with beautiful vintage pieces of everything! From bookcases to toys to even military attire! We can't wait to go back during the winter when the seals are out by the beach and you can walk up to them! 

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Lavender Picking || Hitchin Farm

As part of my plan to keep busy for the next months until my husband returns, I made sure to travel more throughout the UK. Anything new, fun and picture worthy! I've been dying to go to these fields ever since I came upon a picture of it on Pinterest. Then while I was in Florida one of my friends posted pictures of herself here and I knew I had to go as soon as I came back. This was fun for Jax as well since he got to play and run around a lot (I didn't even bring a stroller!). 

The smell was beyond anything you can even bottle. Bees were everywhere but thankfully didn't bother Jax or I, Jax even touched a couple! Like straight up petted one. I picked a whole bunch of lavender that is now currently in a vase making my home smell divine. There was also a cute coffee/souvenir shop in which they sell body/face products all made from their lavender as well as lavender cupcakes. YUM! Taking Jax here was so much fun that we can't wait to go back when the sunflowers grow. 

Starting a new hashtag on instagram with #theadventuresofmamaandson for all the trips I have plan for this month. There will be lots of selfies and endless pictures of Jax since we are on our own for a little while longer. Follow along @SandraxFiorella. I have amazing giveaways coming soon!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Disney World 2015 || Jaxs First Time at Disney

I was so thankful to be have been able to take my son to enjoy Disney World where both his daddy and I grew up going to (living in Florida it's just where your school takes you on any big year field trip). I was even more thankful to the fact that I was able to go with my parents and uncle and aunt. They all got to enjoy Jax and spoil him as ever! Besides that it was my dads first time going to Disney as well! 

We stayed at The Animations hotel on the Cars side because Jax is just obsessed with Cars. They had all the characters and place settings throughout the hotel. Quite lovely! He got to take pictures with all the cars. The heat was unbelievable! Typical Florida however today was worse than usual at a high 97 degrees! I had purchased a stroller fan for Jax ahead of time as well as an endless amount of SPF! I'll link all my Disney must haves here. 

He had a blast and thankfully napped great in the stroller which gave us some time to sit, eat and relax. The next day we went to Disney Downtown and just explored and took photographs. Of course I found a margarita stand and got myself one! I loved being able to share these moments with my family since his daddy wasn't able to be there. However were hoping to be going to Disneyland Paris soon and the hubs will get to experience that!

Mama and son Disney outfits:

Tank Top: , Short harems: , Shoes: , Mickey Ears: Disney Store Online

Tank Top: NBD Threads, Pants: , Shoes: Vans, Sunglasses: The Children's Place, Mickey Ears: DisneyStore Online. 

Dress: Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohls, Minnie Ears, Mickey Phone case.

My Backpack: Kohls
Jax's backpack: Freshly Picked

Mickeyrita at Downtown Disney! 
Gift souvenir for my pups^^
His balloon was his entire world!

Friday, July 03, 2015

Stars and Stripes

Jaxs outfit: || Tank Top | Jeans | Shoes | Sunglasses (his & mine- sold out similar) ||

With Fourth of July right around the corner, it's hard avoid the red, white and blue everything. Literally. America does everything big and I can't say I don't miss it. I'm looking forward to this fun weekend filled with BBQ, sun and some cold drinks! However remember those that given their lives as well as the ones still out there (for me it's my husband currently over seas) and the veterans that suffer from PTSD. Be aware of anyone nearby if you're planning on fireworks. 

Sharing this little stud of mine as usual to inspire some outfits. Every holiday gets more fun the older he gets. This is his second time around however this time we are spending with friends and under Florida insane heat! If you are too remember to wear sunblock and hats specially for your little ones. Hope everyone has a fun filled holiday!

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