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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Updated: DIY Blueprint Cleanse

A while back I created a DIY BluePrint cleanse, a juicing detox that you can do at home without spending so much money on these juices ($195 for this 3 day cleanse, I spent about $37.50 on all the fruits and vegetables). The BluePrint Cleanse is 6 drinks a day for 3 days. On my last post I had just bought my juicer however I also used a blender which is why I think I ended up with more juice, this time I only did the juicer and needed more ingredients which is why I decided to do an update on how many vegetables and fruits you'll need. Also I don't think I really took in account that each juice must be 16oz. otherwise you'll be depriving yourself of more. A detox is a great way into a healthy lifestyle, be aware that after completing a juice cleanse you CANNOT go back to eating regularly. You must start with minimum amounts and nothing extremely unhealthy such as pizza or anything along those junk food lines. Otherwise you will gain a ton of weight because your body has been tricked into storing fat. If you'd like to know what to eat after a cleanse BluePrint has this page made specially for guiding you. Let's get started. Little tip: try to go as organic as possible!