Sunday, July 12, 2015

Disney World 2015 || Jaxs First Time at Disney

I was so thankful to be have been able to take my son to enjoy Disney World where both his daddy and I grew up going to (living in Florida it's just where your school takes you on any big year field trip). I was even more thankful to the fact that I was able to go with my parents and uncle and aunt. They all got to enjoy Jax and spoil him as ever! Besides that it was my dads first time going to Disney as well! 

We stayed at The Animations hotel on the Cars side because Jax is just obsessed with Cars. They had all the characters and place settings throughout the hotel. Quite lovely! He got to take pictures with all the cars. The heat was unbelievable! Typical Florida however today was worse than usual at a high 97 degrees! I had purchased a stroller fan for Jax ahead of time as well as an endless amount of SPF! I'll link all my Disney must haves here. 

He had a blast and thankfully napped great in the stroller which gave us some time to sit, eat and relax. The next day we went to Disney Downtown and just explored and took photographs. Of course I found a margarita stand and got myself one! I loved being able to share these moments with my family since his daddy wasn't able to be there. However were hoping to be going to Disneyland Paris soon and the hubs will get to experience that!

Mama and son Disney outfits:

Tank Top: , Short harems: , Shoes: , Mickey Ears: Disney Store Online

Tank Top: NBD Threads, Pants: , Shoes: Vans, Sunglasses: The Children's Place, Mickey Ears: DisneyStore Online. 

Dress: Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohls, Minnie Ears, Mickey Phone case.

My Backpack: Kohls
Jax's backpack: Freshly Picked

Mickeyrita at Downtown Disney! 
Gift souvenir for my pups^^
His balloon was his entire world!

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