Saturday, August 01, 2015

Lavender Picking || Hitchin Farm

As part of my plan to keep busy for the next months until my husband returns, I made sure to travel more throughout the UK. Anything new, fun and picture worthy! I've been dying to go to these fields ever since I came upon a picture of it on Pinterest. Then while I was in Florida one of my friends posted pictures of herself here and I knew I had to go as soon as I came back. This was fun for Jax as well since he got to play and run around a lot (I didn't even bring a stroller!). 

The smell was beyond anything you can even bottle. Bees were everywhere but thankfully didn't bother Jax or I, Jax even touched a couple! Like straight up petted one. I picked a whole bunch of lavender that is now currently in a vase making my home smell divine. There was also a cute coffee/souvenir shop in which they sell body/face products all made from their lavender as well as lavender cupcakes. YUM! Taking Jax here was so much fun that we can't wait to go back when the sunflowers grow. 

Starting a new hashtag on instagram with #theadventuresofmamaandson for all the trips I have plan for this month. There will be lots of selfies and endless pictures of Jax since we are on our own for a little while longer. Follow along @SandraxFiorella. I have amazing giveaways coming soon!

^This was accidentally taken with my iPhone but it came out so beautiful that I just had to keep it!

^Lots of selfies when you're on your own.

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