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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Southwold Beachside

I was so excited to go with my friend here since she's from England she knows so much more than I. At a lovely 70 degrees, the beaches aren't what a Floridian expects, however still enjoyable and relaxing. The huts near the beach are very well known as they're in beautiful colors and run all along the beach. You can rent them and stay the night, they're a one tiny room with a tiny stove a bed and chair. 

Jax loved throwing rocks at the water, since the beaches are full of rocks. We enjoyed some ice cream... Well more like Jax enjoyed my ice cream and they also had a huge flea market going with beautiful vintage pieces of everything! From bookcases to toys to even military attire! We can't wait to go back during the winter when the seals are out by the beach and you can walk up to them! 

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