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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Traveling with a One Year Old

Since Jax was born he has been on 14 different flights and even many more road trips. From 3 to 13 hours drives and 2 to 10 hours flights. I has gotten a little bit tougher to travel with him the older he gets, I'm sure there is a point in which he will know what's going on and will entertain himself with his movies and so on but for now it was a toss in the air of how it would go.

When it comes to drives I usually have the long drives with my husband so I can attend to Jax if he needs food or water or whatever it may be. However flying wise I temp to do on my own 90% of the time. This is mainly because my husband doesn't get many days off so we try to travel often to see family back home. When we lived in North Carolina a 2 hour flight wasn't bad at all, also Jax was merely a newborn (a baby wrap did the trick every time!) Even with his car seat he would sleep for hours! However now things have changed. We now live in England, roughly a 10 hour flight from MIA. I was alone and having to carry luggage (2 big bags to check in, a carry on, a diaper bag and a purse) and of course Jaxs (whom started walking at 10 months old and now everything looks perfect for him to run off to). I googled endlessly of travel tips because I didn't want to struggle specially being alone. Once again a flight back to Florida is right around the corner, this time I don't even have my husband to drive us to the airport! It's all on me so I thought I would put together a few things that have helped me so much on our travels.

Carry On Luggage
I've had the same carry on luggage that I've had since even before my husband and I started dating. Pretty much this bag is old but durable. The one thing I hate about it is the wheels don't turn 360! So many times traveling with Jax in hand I've had the stupid thing flip on me and dropping the diaper bag and my purse. Completely embarrassed to be 'that girl' at the airport. Thankfully there is always someone helpful around. The 360 wheels will allow you to evenly move your bag even if you're not leaning it back, so you could walk with it right next to you and it will slide right on through! Much easier! Also try to have a carry on that locks the handles up, so they don't push down for the next tip I have coming up.

Car Seat Strap
I had received this beautiful huge convertible car seat as a present for Jax from his grandma, however it wasn't the ones you could carry anywhere. Desperately I looked for ideas on how to travel with it because I didn't want to check it in and run the risk of having it damaged. The day before leaving I found this strap idea on Pinterest. Many ideas were about making it but of course I didn't have time to make it or even order it. Thankfully a Buy Buy Baby 40 minutes out had it in stock. I rushed and got it, this genius idea is only $20 bucks and it will change your life at the airport! It straps to your carry on (so you don't have to sacrifice luggage), it holds any convertible carseat onto it, and pretty much turns it into a backwards stroller (if your luggage handle locks you can push it forward). This made it so easy to get all the way to the gate which in my luck is somehow always the very last one and international airports aren't tiny! Only downside is going through security you do have to separate them so they can be scanned and go through the X-ray, but it's super easy to unlock and security will help you! So take your time and don't feel rushed by anyone. (Also seen in use on the very top picture) Find it here.

Purse/Diaper Bag
I have the Petunia Pickle Bottom Weekender diaper bag and I loved it because of how big it is, it allows me to store so much and I can carry it in many ways, however the zipper broke off mine and I just don't have time to order a new one. I resorted to a purse I had that is like a messenger bag and its pretty roomy as well as pretty cute! I decided to take this instead that way if I had to carry Jax I won't struggle with things falling off the bag or it slipping off my arm. It's big enough to pack his diapers and bottles and even the iPad. All I really need for myself is my phone, ipod, wallet, keys, headphones, and both his and my passport! Jax has his own carry on that will have all of his stuff like a change of clothes, a jacket or a blanket so if I were to need anything for him, I'll have it right there with me and don't run the risk of loosing his luggage.

ALWAYS wear comfortable shoes!! I can't stress this enough, you won't be certain if you have to walk far or close. One time I wore wedges, this was from NC to FL, it was the one time I missed my flight and I had to wait with a month old baby and his car seat, diaper bag and carry on for 11 hours at an airport, only to find out that the next flight would be too full for me. I had to walk to another airline buy another ticket go through security all over again and walk to the gate which was even further out. It was also a layover so I had to wait at Charlotte Airport for 4 hours! my back hurt, my sides hurt, my feet hurt, my arms hurt from carrying the carseat with my baby. Needless to say I will never travel with any uncomfortable shoes ever! I learned my lesson. That goes for your kids as well! I find that Freshly Picked have been my go to. They're easy to put on and if he were to take them off or want them off I don't have to struggle trying to put them back on. They're the only shoes my son doesn't fuzz about wearing. I'm so sad he's growing out of them. I need to get him bigger sizes soon. By far our favorite!

I have an IPad that I mainly use to search the web, therefor I have plenty of space for movies. I usually have all his favorites like 'Cars' in Spanish. I tried so hard to find all the Pixar and Disney movies in Spanish. Also some games! There will be a point when he doesn't just want to sit and watch, he wants to touch! Anything age appropriate with music and click choices. This time around I found him some really cheap cushion ear headphones for his movies and I love that they fold up so they can fit in my purse when we're ready to get off board. Alongside I have 2 toy cars and his Daddy Bear that he uses like a pillow. He has been off a paci, however I will be bringing it as a back up only, in case he gets too fuzzy and nothing calms him, his paci always does the trick!

This is a pretty obvious one, sometimes you don't have time to eat at the airport and spend $50 of a sub and a water (ridiculous prices) so always have snacks packed, as long as they're under 100 grams and not liquids, you can have it! I recently saw someone on instagram post a picture of her snacking on grapes and some veggie snacks at the airport. So be smart and pack healthy and yummy things for your kids as well. I have my son on sippy cups however sometimes he just prefers straws, so I bring a couple of those just in case he wants some of my drink. Zip lock bags will allow extra room in your bag without taking over. Anything from cookies, to cheeze its, or raisins! (my son loves yogurt raisins) Sometimes I have to bring gummies just to get his attention or distract him on the plane.

A stroller makes life easier because you can carry everything on it (including your child obvi!) and allowing him to stay comfortable or be able to sleep comfortable while moving from place to place. If you do not have a stroller to where you're going, bring one or rent one! It will help you out so much not just during travel time but during any outings you have. If you have an umbrella stroller recommendations please feel free to tell me. I'm looking for a much smaller stroller to take everywhere! 

We have many more trips coming up as he turns 2, we all heard all about the terrible twos and the tantrums. Wish us luck! Hope these tips help you all during traveling!

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