Friday, November 13, 2015

Jaxon Alexander || Turns 2

My little boy is turning 2. I have no idea how to process the thought that he's growing up and becoming more independent. I wanted to make this post for me to have a few thoughts to remember about this age and his current silly sayings.


  • Ballons. Currently we watch UP about 5 times a day because it perfectly combines his love for dogs, balloons and airplanes. The first time he watched it he had a series of feels going on, with excitement and worry as the balloons flew up he would point at the TV and say "oh ooonss no no no no". 
  • Our Pups. We have pictures of our dogs up on the wall and every day he points at each and says "azzy and elly" (jazzy & belle). So I got some printed out for him and he gives them kisses as well as loves looking back at our chatbooks and points them out with a huge smile on his face. He loves his pups.
  • Dancing. At the end of movies like Wreck it Ralph he gets down on all fours and shakes his booty up in the air. His signature dance move!
  • Spaghetti. He's like any other toddler and goes through eating habits. One week he will eat everything I give him while the next he's barely serving off goldfish and vanilla wafers. However spaghetti has been his one and only meal he will eat alongside chicken nuggets.
  • Cars. It's no surprise his birthday theme this year is all about Cars. His love for them is beyond me, he can play with them for hours and every time we go to the store to get him to pick something else he always gravitates to them. We can't escape them, his daddy doesn't mind one bit.
  • Trolley. Or as shopping cart, same thing. One of my good friends gave him one since he loved her sons one and he uses it every single day. To the point that even going grocery shopping or anywhere really he has to bring it. He pushes it everywhere and sometimes even carries his toys in it. 
  • To be tackled. This is such a daddy and him bonding time, he loves it when they play rough, he gets tickled and thrown on the bed. I love seeing them playing together like this however when daddy isn't home I'm the one getting tickled and tackled.
  • Belly Buttons. I don't know why but if you take off your shirt or just barely lift it he runs up to you and points to your belly button and just laughs. I think it's adorable.
  • Agua. He drinks water all day every day. I think it's pretty funny since he used to love milk and hated water but as toddlers go he changed his mind and switched. He will bring me his sippy cup and hands me a water bottle and says 'aqua'. 


  • Milk. I hate that he hates milk because he needs it. However he will have it if I make smoothies or my morning shake (with tons of greens) and I actually love that even more because he gets all his nutrients without even knowing it. 
  • To be dirty. After any meal or even if he just touches something gross he doesn't like it. He runs to me to wipe his hands clean or he will find the wipes and clean himself up.
  • Fingernails too long or breaking. This is an odd one but he doesn't like it if he has a hang nail, he picks at it and pulls it or asks me to cut his nail. He's very picky about the way it is. Once its cut he stops picking at it.
  • Paper on crayons. The crayons comes with a paper wrap on each, well he likes to pick them off. He doesn't like to use them with the paper for some reason. Once it's off he colors away.
I'm happy he doesn't have many dislikes more like things that bother him however he's still such a happy kid and he's so silly. He's going to be such a goofball and I love that he manages to keep a smile on our faces and make our days.

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