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Thursday, December 31, 2015

16 Resolutions for 2016

Happy New Years Eve! I hope everyone had a great Christmas break and enjoyed time with family and lots of delicious food. I can't believe another year has gone by and by tomorrow we will be starting a brand new year. For us 2016 is a HUGE year since we don't know if it will be our last year living in England or not, only God knows how things will go. Regardless we will enjoy every bit of it and strive to achieve our 16 personal resolutions...

1. Pay off debts. We don't have a HUGE debt per say, but we do have a few credit cards we usually take advantage of during holidays to make it easier on us and our budget. My main goal this year is to cut down this bill entirely within 12 months. One card at a time. Regardless of how small the monthly bill is, it adds up.

2. Save for a house. We aren't sure if we will be part of the military family forever so I have always had a backup plan for us to be ready and move back and be able to buy a house. Somehow our savings haven't grown much so this year but along with paying the debt off we should have plenty more to add towards our dream home.

3. Get fit. Every year I struggle horribly with "getting fit". My motivation is crap. This year I'm aiming to do Kayla Itsines challenge, I love that it is a workout you can just do at home along with cardio around your home or near by just like you can do it at a gym. I tried it during the summer and I was able to stick to it up until our trip so I know I can do it again.

4. Play outside more. During fall/winter it's so easy to stay in doors and just play inside, however even during this time of year you should go out and get some fresh air along with drain the energy of your little one. Just bundle everyone up and go!

5. Finish home DIYs. I don't usually leave DIYs undone, I hate leaving things halfway done however when it comes to things I can't move like the my dresser that is currently empty and halfway primed with drawers just sitting in the room next door... yeah I need to get it done. I'm aiming to redo a few more pieces to at least have my furniture match.

6. Social Media break. I took a much needed break from social media however once I re download the apps again I'm back to it and I hate that. When it comes to blogging it's just me and my laptop typing away thoughts, with Facebook or Instagram it's just me scrolling endlessly and making myself feel horrible as I see people looking and doing things I wish I could. It's not good for my self esteem. If you know its not good for you, quit it take a break and walk away.

7. Prioritize sleep. To have a healthy lifestyle you need 8 hours of sleep. It's where your energy comes from, if you feel like crap your day will go like crap. I'm aiming to wake up early and go to bed early so I need to work on my sleep and actually going to sleep. No laying in bed watching tv or using the phone.

8. Teach my son more. This is an important goal for myself, I've been working on creating a learning environment for Jax with tons of books, coloring tools and ABCs. I usually work on it with him but he's so distracted with toy cars so I'm aiming to getting everything distracting for him away and working an hour a day on his alphabet and colors etc. To take my time and work on my own patience with him.

9. Purge the unnecessary and decrease clutter. Since the beginning of 2015 I've been slowly getting rid of messy unwanted stuff. Pretty much things I haven't seen in months and I know I haven't used to the trash they went. We have moved so much that I always end up with boxes of stuff I simply don't care for and they only take up space in the house. They go in the trash and I end up with new space for things I actually use and need daily.

10. Shop for quality not quantity. Whether this is for food, clothes or home decor I want to get use of my buck that's for sure but it won't be worth it if you have cheap curtains that will rip or get destroyed within a few months rather than curtains that could last you a lifetime. Food wise organic is the way to go if your budget allows specially if you will consume it all and not let it be forgotten in the fridge left to rot.

11. Putting down the phone. Sometimes we go out to dinner and as we wait for the waiter we tempt to get lost using the phone. I remember forgetting my phone once and how liberated it felt being able to enjoy the moment and talk rather than look down at my hands the whole time. 

12. Drink water. Notice I wrote 'drink' not 'drink more' I'm horrible at drinking water, even if I carry a jug with me I never finish it (am I the only one?). I opted for some club soda since the soda feeling gave me the refreshing taste a coke does but I'd be drinking actual water. Win win right? 

13. Read a good book. I feel like ever since Harry Potter and the Hunger Games I haven't found a book I'm dying to finish and I genuinely miss that feeling. I'm on the hunt of a great series and want to read at least one book a month. My husband started some Star Wars series and I'm thinking of joining him and giving it a try.

14. Be a better wife. Ever since becoming a mom I've experience a new kind of exhausted and I'm sometimes guilty of not taking care of not just myself but my husband as well. This isn't only dates it's also just paying attention to him and flirting more. I think we would both feel much happier if we weren't so stressed. I specially can work on making him feel better and more relaxed after work. I cook for him every night but sometimes he just needs someone to listen.

15. Don't spend on stupid things. When we have extra cash in the pocket we temp to act like we have millions in the bank. Things like a small chocolate at the checkout or a little toy car or even that extra shirt that was "super cheap" yet you'll never wear will add up to a hefty amount at the end of the year. I need to learn to know when I absolutely don't need anything and walk away.

16. Enjoy the moment. Whether it's watching my son play or going out exploring I get sucked into technology. I use my phone unnecessarily because I think taking a picture or a video will last, yes it will but I can take one and enjoy the rest. I rather remember what it looked like with my eyes not through a phone screen. 

These are my personal resolutions for this upcoming year. I hope they gave you some great ideas!
What are your goals for the new year?
Happy New Year!

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