Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide || For Kids

|| 1. minions | 2. slinky | 3. play food | 4. shopping cart | 5. kindle | 6. car | 7. bowling set | 8. vacuum | 9. wagon | 10. camera ||

1. Minion - Lately my son has been obsessed over the minions, it was in fact the first movie he ever went to see. He knows almost every part of the movie by memory and learned to say banana thanks to them as well. A minion toy that talks, specially phrases by the movie is perfect! 

2. Slinky - This is such a 90s or even older toy and such a simple concept yet thats exactly what entertains them the most. push it down the stairs and they'll love it even more.

3. Play Food - Whether you have a boy or a girl there will be a point when your kid will pretend to eat something or cook it, you just gotta go along with it and enjoy that delicious felt cookie.

4. Shopping Cart - Every child goes through a moment of loving to push anything, from the moment they start to walk. My son has a simple plastic one a friend gave us and he takes it everywhere and I mean everywhere we go!

5. Kindle - As much as I love technology, I love that my son isn't glued to the tv or a tablet 24/7. However we do travel quite a bit and to get through those long 10 hour flights or 5+ drives we would fill up the iPad with all his favorite movies. However iPads aren't cheap and if they break, well you know the rest. The Kindle is not only built to handle hard falls but it had a kids mode that you are able to control and small enough to fit in those little hands. Also super inexpensive and affordable!

6. Car - Cars are just fun for any kid, they love to ride around and roam the streets. I made sure that when I was searching for a car I needed it to have a parental control (you never know where they may take off to) as well as a seat belt and music (my little one loves to jam in the car). Needless to say my already cars obsessed child will have endless fun.

7. Bowling Set - Sometimes our little ones love to throw things whether its in anger or for fun, I think this would really help them focus and hit some stuff all in good nature fun.

8. Vacuum - For the little one that likes to copy mommy or daddy and likes to push things around.

9. Wagon - So this may be more of a present for us parents but I'm sure they enjoy sightseeing in this. You can even add seats with seatbelt or a canopy for rainy days.

10. Camera - I'm a photography taker. I snap pictures as often as I can and when I can and I believe that rubs off. I've caught my son holding up my camera and pretending to snap photos and I just knew he would love this gorgeous wooden camera. That and i don't put my expensive camera at risk.

Ever since he was born I knew I didn't want to have endless amounts of toys all throughout my house, so I've always thought carefully of things that not only will last but he will be entertained by and aren't going to end up at a garage sale. Focusing only on his actual likes rather than the latest trend. His best Christmas yet!

Side note: Please remember that if you still keep the Santa gift tradition for your little ones, to be modest. Something small and simple. No Santa should be leaving an iPad while other kids only receive a train.

Happy Holidays!

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