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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fitness Goal || Kayla Itsines Challenge UPDATE

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There is something about a New Year and a Monday that makes starting a new challenge feel achievable. For me it's taking on Kayla Itsines challenge, if you don't know who she is I highly suggest checking out not only her Instagram (motivation galore) but also her Bikini Body Guides! She has created the ultimate guide for women and it is beyond good. I used her guides throughout the summer and I never felt better, I took a break during fall while traveling and now it's the perfect time to get back on it. I'm more than ever motivated to begin this challenge for myself. I love that she doesn't go by your weight (the scale lies!!) she goes by how you look and feel. Sometimes we workout so hard for months and the scale doesn't change however inches are falling off. Anyways I'm keeping a track for myself by blogging about it. Her challenge doesn't start till January 11th, 2016 however I'm still working on meal planning and eating healthier the prior week so I can be prepared for this and have as much energy as possible (you will need it!). I can't share her workouts since she sells them, I can however link you and motivate you. Shop her guides here! She also has a great app to help you even more. Here goes one for the new year!
Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Playroom Inspiration

As Jax gets older he is playing with bigger toys and he's getting into the pretend play. I've always dreamt of having a playroom big enough for him to run around in and have fun as well as a learning area with books. Currently we have his old bedroom turned into an office/playroom and the old office turned into his bedroom since I rather he enjoy more room to play than he needs to sleep in. He doesn't have a ton of toys because we always ask for either his birthday or christmas that he mainly gets money towards his account (from our immediate family) since he's still too little and he's usually happy with just one gift. This is a win-win situation for the both of us. I have put together some of his playroom must-haves that inspire me for Jaxs playroom.
Saturday, January 02, 2016

Disney World with a Toddler || Must-Haves & Tips

Going to Disney World with a toddler has been the most amazing experience as well as the most stressful. If you're prepared everything will be smooth sailing. We've been able to experience Disney in two completely different settings this year. Once in the Summer and once in the Winter although this doesn't make a huge difference in Florida since it really is hot year round. It's still a huge deal to be prepared without feeling like you have a thousand things stuffed in a stroller...
Friday, January 01, 2016

Goodbye: My Favorite Moments of 2015

We started taking Jax to music activity class which is so nice to see him interact and learn. Plus I get to sit back and watch him. 
First snow of the year! Didn't stick but it was still fun to go out and stick our tongues out.

He was my valentines this year again, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We started swim classes with Jax! He still hates it but he's getting a lot better.

Went back for Harry Potter and it is still one of my favorite places to be at.

When you find a chipotle in London. At least they have them here even though their twice the price. Still worth it.

My least favorite moment was my husband being deployed but I love that it helped me a lot with being alone with Jax and helped us grow a bigger bond. 

Jax missed his daddy but having his teddy bear made his day.

His easter basket was filled with goodies and he just loves all the candy.

First box we shipped off to Joe was this Easter theme one filled with his favorite stuff and lots of protein as well as easter eggs and some pictures of Jax for his keepsake.

A trip to the zoo with Jax to see him get so excited and happy about the giraffes was my favorite! He also got to feed the Elephants.

Got to celebrate my birthday with my friends back in Florida. I really needed this!

4th of July was spent at the pool with some BBQ and my best friend right along.
Jays first time at Disney World was even more special to me since my family got to go with us. Its by far made it that much more memorable.

Back in England we needed to kill some time until daddy got back so we took some small trips and this one was my favorite, Lavender fields. The smell was beyond what you could put in a bottle and the view? breathtaking.

It's rare for England to have such a nice warm day so we explored Southwold beach with some friends and even enjoyed some ice cream.

We took a very long trip to see Warwick Castle with a bunch of friends to see some of Englands beautiful history.

At this time of the year we went back to the lavender fields since their sunflower field had bloomed! We took home some huge and I mean HUGE sunflowers.

During s hopping day we stopped by the Italian fresh market where I mainly raided the dessert section. How could I not?

Back in Florida for a second time we took a family trip to the Miami Metro Zoo where I came to realize that Jax fed the EXACT giraffe that his daddy and I fed on a date 6 years ago! She was a baby back then and now she was all grown up. Talk about a wonderful experience for him!
He finally came home! No need to even say more.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Huntsman. Halloween 2015.

My little boy turned 2 years old! This year we spent in England and he got a Cars theme party with all his friends right at  home.
We got to pumpkin picking and although Jax won't stand still anymore he did get to pick out the big pumpkins.

To end the year for the holidays we took a trip to Florida and we ended up at Mickeys Very Merry Christmas. It was the most magical time and I love that Jax is entering the age of noticing everything and better yet, remembering it!

Joe had to make it back to England before the end of the year for work but I got to spend it with family which I haven't in who knows how long. It was such a nice time and Jax loves his nonni.