Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fitness Goal || Kayla Itsines Challenge UPDATE

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There is something about a New Year and a Monday that makes starting a new challenge feel achievable. For me it's taking on Kayla Itsines challenge, if you don't know who she is I highly suggest checking out not only her Instagram (motivation galore) but also her Bikini Body Guides! She has created the ultimate guide for women and it is beyond good. I used her guides throughout the summer and I never felt better, I took a break during fall while traveling and now it's the perfect time to get back on it. I'm more than ever motivated to begin this challenge for myself. I love that she doesn't go by your weight (the scale lies!!) she goes by how you look and feel. Sometimes we workout so hard for months and the scale doesn't change however inches are falling off. Anyways I'm keeping a track for myself by blogging about it. Her challenge doesn't start till January 11th, 2016 however I'm still working on meal planning and eating healthier the prior week so I can be prepared for this and have as much energy as possible (you will need it!). I can't share her workouts since she sells them, I can however link you and motivate you. Shop her guides here! She also has a great app to help you even more. Here goes one for the new year!


For my meal plan I try to not over spend and make absolute sure I have enough food including healthy snacks, lots of them. I also shop by exact measurements, nothing worse than having food go bad because it went unused. This time I will be following this 2-week Clean-Eating Plan that includes shopping lists, recipes and daily menus. How much easier can that get?


6 of 16oz water bottles per day = 96oz


BUST - 40in
CHEST - 35.5in
ARM - 14in
WAIST - 40in
HIP - 41in
THIGH - 26in


26.57 (overweight)


My goal isn't to lose a certain amount of pounds like it used to be. This time I'm focused on my over all health as well as the way I feel. I would love to one day have abs again and just be over all fit and firm, lift my booty up and tone my arms. 



I've personally hit a point at which I'm not comfortable with myself I don't feel like going out much and I know this is all on how I feel about myself and how I look. I don't like being so reclusive from the world and missing out on seeing friends and family. I simply am saying enough and pushing myself to change. If you don't like something, change it. This is part of my New Years resolutions and my goal every year. Besides from getting fit and losing weight, working out is beyond that. It gets rid of headaches and gives you so much energy. Being a mom, having extra energy would be extra nice specially for running and keeping up after a toddler!

I was actually unable to start on my set date, I had traveling and a few family things come up but now I'm officially back home. I was able to go grocery shopping and prepare myself in a much better way as well as have all my workout gear, shoes, workout space/gym and my car! My new date to begin is Monday February 1st.    
Update to come on 02.29.16.



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