Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Crafts with Jax | Toucan Box

This was my first trial box from Toucan Box, right off the start I can see how much they put into these. This is the Petite box and it came with so much, I can't imagine how much the Super one would have. It was personalized with my sons name which made it even more unique and fun for him to see. This pirate theme came with paper, the parrot cut out, crayons, popsicle stick, glue, feathers, googly eyes, stickers, paint brush, tea bag for the paper map, an activity book and the instructions. Right away my son was attracted by the feathers and stickers. He loved coloring the bird all sorts of colors and picking where the feathers would go. He's still too young to know how to use the glue stick so I helped him with it and he added the feathers. It was a nice bonding/activity for the both of us. I'm always looking for ideas of crafts that are age appropriate and don't make a huge mess, I like to save his beautiful creations and he doesn't always get them done at school so having this for home is great to decorate my walls with his precious art as well as a perfect moment for him to be away from toys, TV, iPad etc. I highly recommend signing up and getting these crafts right to your door! I can't wait for his next box to arrive already. If you'd like to try a free box for yourself just follow the link here.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Saving Memories with Sticky 9

I accidentally discovered Sticky 9 by looking for magnets for my fridge of pictures. I didn't like to hang pictures because they always seemed to slide off when opening/closing the door. Once I tried those I fell in love with their quality and fast (FREE!) shipping I even shipped some off to my mom and mother-in-law for them to have some cute pictures of their grandson. I decided to order some prints for my sons 2nd birthday to create a giant number 2. It was so inexpensive and the pictures were beautiful and vibrant. They're thicker than the normal prints which made them durable and I'm not afraid my son will ruin them when he goes through them. I decided to use them for photo albums as well since they hold up so well and look even better. I have to admit they are by far my favorite. They always have great coupons like today they're having a 50% off prints! They come in 2 sizes, the ones pictured are the mediums, I've done the large ones as well to create some flash cards for my son to learn his colors, we even have some hanging on our walls and a few in some picture frames. They're the best I highly recommend them!

Living far from family and having Jax not see much of grandparents it's nice to have pictures of his dogs and family for him to see everyday and kiss goodnight. If you'd like to give it a try get 15% off your first order using this code: FRIEND125YD

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