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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

We are having a . . .

Newborn Mocassins | Dress-Gemma | Personalized Blanket
We have a little girl coming!!! I gotta say I always pictured myself as a 'boy mom', I always wanted my first child to be a boy no matter what. But of course part of me wanted a little girl to dress up so the fact that we are going to have one of each just makes me feel complete! Time to bring out everything pink and decorate with glitter! I was so antsy to find out what we were having from the moment I found I was pregnant, but just like I did with my son I just knew right away that it would be a girl. I was so sure but my husband was hesitant as majority of his family is boys. We got to do the blood test at 10 weeks pregnant and then did the ultrasound confirmation at 15 weeks. Each time I was still surprised that it was real! She already has a nice closet growing, I can't wait to put everything together for her arrival already. As you can tell I already started shopping.

Old Wives Tales:

Feeling Queasy. Morning sickness means girl and none means boy.

With Jax I wasn't nauseous at all. With this one I threw up a lot but mostly because I was actually sick with infections and all.

Verdict: Girl!

The Ring Test. Take your wedding ring a tie to a string. Hold it above your belly, if it moves side to side it's a boy,
moves in circles and it's a girl!

Verdict: Girl!

The Boob Test: If your right boob is bigger, it's a Boy, vice versa and it's a girl!

Verdict: Girl!

Cravings: Craving sugary sweets and it's a girl. Craving salty and savory and it's a boy.
I wanted cold apples and oranges at first, then I wanted some sort of candy at least once a day!

Verdict: Girl!

Bumps: If you're carrying high, it's a girl. Low and it's a boy.

Verdict: Girl!

Chinese Gender Calendar: Google the imagine of the calendar.

Verdict: Girl!

Baby Heartbeat: If baby heart beat is over 140 it's a girl, below it's a boy.

I was iffy about this because Jax had a 170 heart rate and so did this baby.
Verdict: Girl!

Goldie Locks: If you have shiny healthy hair and clear glowing skin, it's a boy. If you're breaking out and have dull hair, it's a girl.

Verdict: Girl!

Hairy Legs: If your hair is growing faster on your legs, it's a boy. If it's the same it's a girl.

Verdict: Girl!

Partner put weight on: If your significant other gains weight it's a boy. If they remain the same, it's a girl.

Verdict: Girl! 

Score: Boy 0 || Girl 10

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Deployment Blues

Here we are on another deployment. This time it's so different from the first. This time Jax knows daddy is leaving for a long time. This time I'm staying working full time. This time Jax is in preschool. This time we have two pups to look after. This time we can't just get on a plane and go stay with family back in the states whenever we wanted to. This time I'm pregnant and expecting to deliver while he's gone. This time it's different. It's going to be tough but us military wives/moms have endured so much that we have each other's back. I have so many amazing people here that support us and can also relate to us. I'm thankful🇺🇸 See you soon babe❤️ while you work on keeping everyone safe, I'll work on keeping our family safe.