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Annalynn Everlie-Rose | Birth Story

On September 24th, 2017 Annalynn Everlie-Rose Ordonez graced us with her presence. 
Weighing in at 6lbs and 11oz, 18 3/4in long.
And just like that this little girl took over our lives and we became a family of 4.

Now my story isn't crazy or insane but it was in fact a lot faster than my first one went. You can read all about my birth with Jax here. Obviously with this being my second time I knew what to expect and what to feel. I always knew that she would come out earlier than her due date somehow. She was only two days early but everyone else around pretty much expected her to be very late. Which I just knew she wouldn't be. 

So let's start off by saying that my husband is currently deployed and has been since I was about 3 months along. He isn't due back until 1 to 2 weeks after she's due. Fortunately enough my sister bought tickets and she was aiming to fly in for a week! Within the last couple weeks of my pregnancy I was graced by horrifying kidney stones which kept giving me contractions on and off. I would get contractions every night and morning from 2am to 5am. I had a feeling she would be a night baby. I remember I stayed up late that Friday night. I wasn't able to sleep but since the weekend was right there I was looking forward to sleeping in on that Saturday. I went to sleep around 2am. I woke up with contractions around 5am. I started texting my husband and letting him know they're the usual contractions and I would wait it out and see how they go. By 8am I was still having these contractions so I decided to take a Tylenol and try and rest a bit. 2 hours after taking it if its false labor, the tylenol would help, however mine only got more intense. I decided to walk around the house as I got ready like any other day. I made my son breakfast and got stuff ready just in case. Well come 1pm and I was getting really uncomfortable and in pain. I told my husband to just be safe I would go in and if anything I would stay on base since I would be driving myself. (side note: the base hospital was closed for about 2 and a half months prior due to technical issues, they literally opened back up 3 days before I had to go in and I was relieved as I would've had to drive 45mins to a hospital off base full on the British way.) Base is only a 20 minute drive from my house so I drove in labor with my child. My friend thats supposed to watch him lives on base so she texted me to make sure I was ok, I told her i would get checked and let her know as I didn't want to just drop him off just yet. 

As we went into L&D and I got checked they said i was 2-3cm dilated and that I should walk around for about 1-2hrs and then come back in so I don't just sit there waiting. I decided to go to the track field with Jax and we walked around 2 times until the pain got really intense and I just felt like I had to go in again. It had been about an hour so around 2pm I got back in my car and called and the first thing I asked was "how far along dilated do I have to be to get the epidural?". That's all I was thinking about so far. I didn't want to run the risk of waiting too long or too far to not get it. At this point I had to drop my son off at my friends house and I was in too much pain to be emotional about it. I sucked it up and drove myself back to the hospital. I walked in, got checked again and i was told i was 5-6cm dilated! I was so happy it was going way faster than it did with my first, they said right after that the epidural was coming. I was updating my husband every second I could. Thankfully it was the weekend and he didn't have to worry much about getting off work and trying to talk to me.

Unfortunately as this was happening my sister was getting on a flight to come on over, which meant she had to get on an express bus from the airport to the hospital (5hrs of travel time compared to a 2 hr drive) as I wouldn't be able to pick her up anymore and whats worse was that she would miss the birth by merely hours! Thankfully I had my good friend Tissa with my at the hospital and she just made it so much better! By 3:30pm epidural was in and my water broke and by 9:30pm I was ready to push! 

Pushing started and I had my husband on FaceTime the entire time. I pushed for 4 hours! She was stuck on my pelvic bone so I ket pushing and she would go down and back up. They finally got to the point in which they said "you have to push her out now or its time for a c-section" Unfortunately she had pooped herself inside and it became a health concern. I had a million thoughts go through my mind... surgery? Do I really want to be recovering from a surgery without my husband here to help and with a toddler? No way. That was exactly what I needed to hear. I started pushing with the last bit of my energy left! I moved to several positions and let me tell you it is NOT easy to push on all four legs with half of your legs numb! They did take off my epidural so I could feel my contractions more and I would push harder and help my progress so by the time this little girls head was pretty much doing the 'ring of fire' look it up if you don't know what it means, my epidural was gone and I could feel everything. The doctor kept saying "her head is right there, feel her head!" and all I could say was "No if I do I will yank her out!" I got to the point of my last bit of energy that I almost cried and gave up and if you know me, this is not how I am. My nurse and Doctor were amazing though they encouraged me and they cheered me on and would walk me through every step of the way. I was able to get her past that pelvic bone and tail bone and finally I was on those last pushes. By now it was 1am... September the 24th. I just knew that would be her day for some reason. By 1:20am she was born! My husband cried and I was so exhausted but just looking at her she was so worth it. Every single minute of it. 6 lbs 11oz and 18 3/4 in long. 

  Annalynn Everlie-Rose

 After having her and placing her skin to skin, we waited and kept her attached to the placenta for a bit longer. I was able to cut the umbilical cord myself. I also got a cool look at my own placenta, the doctor held it up for me and showed me every part of it, where my baby was and how she was fed and it was just so interesting to me. I was saving my placenta for placenta pills which I'll update on later on. 

Photography by: Simply Ania

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