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Monday, January 01, 2018

New Years Resolutions | 2018

  1. Pay off bills: we're buckling down this year, we're so close to being debt free and so close to moving back to the states. We hope to travel some more the last years we have and know we have everything paid off. 
  2. DON'T USELESS SPEND: I came to realize how much money I was spending on stupid little things every time i went out. like stopping by the store and seeing a notebook, i already have a ton of notebooks but I wanted it so i'd get it and it would just sit at my house. I made it a clear rule for myself as well as my child that when we go out we are not just going to buy things because we walk past them. 
  3. DECLUTTER: I have made it a mission ever since I quit my job 10 weeks before my due date to declutter the house as much as possible. Nesting helped so much. I wanted to really get rid of anything we don't use on the daily. A more 'minimal' lifestyle, per say. I wanted everything to be ready to pack and easy to find when necessary. 
  4. Homecooked meals: It became very easy, specially when I work full time, to stop by a drive thru and have a fast meal. I really started to notice when my child would ask for mcdonalds instead of a homecooked meal. I want to prep more at home, have ready made snacks and easily accessible foods for my son to eat as well as me. It's tough cooking dinner after working all day long and taking care of two kids. I want to aim to make our lives easier and healthier.
  5. Fitness: I'm not gonna shoot for the stars and plan a huge goal. I did join the TONE IT UP plan and It's motivating me already to eat healthier and do some simple workouts right at home which is all that fits my schedule these days (with a new baby and all) I'm not trying to force myself into anything crazy, just want it to become part of my daily routine in some way.
There it is. sHORT AND SIMPLE. cheers to 2018!
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