Friday, February 23, 2018

What's In My Diaper Bag | Baby Girl

Having a second child you would think I would carry less stuff however regardless of the occasion I love overpacking and having things I may need. Because you just never know! I have so many diaper bags because I love changing them according to where we're going, what I'm wearing and for how long we'll be going for. For example if we're just going to the grocery store I stick to my JuJuBe Classy or my Fawn Design since I like wearing it like a purse and messenger style and it's easy to handle with one hand. If we're going to spend the day at the zoo which here it happens to be an hour away then I go for my Skip Hop Greenwhich diaper bag because it's bigger so I pack more stuff and comfy to wear plus free hands. If I have an event to go to that requires a more dressy up or I just want to use a particular purse, my ToteSavvy makes it easy for me to transform any into a diaper bag. I'm very particular! So with that being said I came up with the stuff I mostly carry around in pretty much every bag. 

*Honest Diapers: Typically pack 4-5 diapers depending on where we're going. They're the cutest prints and they're just amazing over all.

*Honest Ointment: I switch between the ointment and the balm depending on her condition. She never gets rashes but sometimes she does get irritated so when she does I'll use the ointment but on daily mostly use the balm.

*Ointment Applicator: I received the regular size one as a baby shower gift from my best friend and didn't think much of it until I got to use it. My life changed! Specially if you get your nails done and don't like ending up with ointment underneath or don't have gloves on this thing is so nice and fast! I had to go and get one in a travel size. I love that it has a case too so it doesn't get dirty.

*Wipes: Diaper wipes, face wipes and paci wipes. Yup! I even have boogie nose wipes but only carry it during that time of year or when they're all stuffy. My actual favorite face wipes are from BuyBuyBaby but I ran out recently and I just grabbed these from a store nearby and they're not bad but I still have to order some more of the other ones. Now the paci wipes I'm not a neat freak but I do try to take it along if we have trips outdoors or to wipe her teether because I know someones bound to drop something or the blanket fuzzies get stuck to it and being in the bag it gets dirty a lot. Also I bring the case with wipes because it attaches to your stroller or bag if you need to keep it in hand. I always have extra wipes somewhere in my car just in case. You never want to run out of wipes.

*Bottles: I've stuck to glass bottles mostly as I like how they wash better. However I do sometimes bring the plastic ones since she's starting to like to hold her bottle herself. We have been moving on up to the 8oz bottles because she's just so hungry lately. Lifefactory & BOOB by Joovy.

Sippy Cup: Forgot to add that to the picture but that Chicco bottle is one of the only 4m+ bottles I've found for her. Perfect for transitioning and she gets her water intake.

*Diaper Trash Bags: These I had from my dogs, an endless amount! I placed one in my bag and in my car and it's been so helpful. If she ever has an explosion I can put her dirty outfit in the bag in the diaper bag and the dirty diaper in the bag to toss. 

*Extra Clothes: I try to pack full onesie outfits so I don't have to add too much stuff or have her in a mismatch outfit. Also have extra socks and her SockOns, they're awesome specially now a days that the kicking is intense!

*Blanket: We live in England we're cold majority of the year and even during the summer the wind can be intense! This blanket is light and super cute. If we're outdoors longer than planned and it's really cold i bring a far thicker blanket instead.

*Changing Mat: Love the JuJuBe memory foam one! Even if I change the diaper bag I try to bring that one along with me. I top it off with my Gathre one as it's wipeable and soft.

Car Seat Cover: This is a multi use cover which came so much in handy when I was breastfeeding only, but now a day it's perfect for whenever we have windy days or she needs her nap and we're out somewhere.

*Formula Dispenser: Now that we're formula feeding full time, I always need to have formula ready to go. I measure exactly how many scoops and bring bottles ready with water so I just have to pour and shake.

*Water Bottle: In case she runs out of bottles or her water in her sip cup. Saves from having to find a store to buy water from and it maintains it at whatever temperature we want it.

Food Pouch: We're starting to try foods so I try to get her to eat a little bit once a day and pouches are perfect on-the-go! I can buy it in different flavors and the spoon will always fit it.

Spoon Pouch Attachment: Speaking of.. These things are awesome. The carrying case is perfect to not get food on anything else after using it.

*Entertainment: A little rattle for sensory and a teething toy for well nibbling on. I have seen the Nuby teethers and I love that they come in a case so I may be changing over to that soon as I don't love it getting all dirty and it's something that goes in her mouth.

Accessories: Little bracelet, headbands that go with most her outfits and little sunglasses. Her dad doesn't always remember to accessorize her and she looks like a little boy. I love girling her up.

*Paci Clip: This paci clip is silicone so it's easy to wipe and it attaches to anything. I always carry 2 extra pacis in case something happens to the main one.

Bibs: I'd suggest a silicone bib for food and a drool bib. 

*Waterproof Pouch: I keep all the things below in this pouch just in case something breaks or spills it doesn't get all over the place.

-Teething Gel
-Baby Chapstick
-Hydrating Stick
-SPF for toddler and baby.
-Nose Spray
-Essential Oils: Oilogic's Calm & Sleep. They're helpful if they're feeling fuzzy or need help sleeping. Not just for baby it can be for toddler or even you mama! 

Extras: Jaxs toys. This is a no brainer when you have an older child but sometimes I also keep candy for brining or snacks for longer trips. 

Mom Things

Charger: Extra charger in case you're running low and nowhere near a charger.

Headphones: Sometimes I use it for calls with my mom or just in case I forget my gym headphones these temp to be my back up.

*Hand Lotion & Sanitizer: All my stuff smells like coconut, I'm just obsessed. I have the spray sanitizer and the one that hangs on the bag mainly for Jax.

*Body Spray: I usually leave the house so fast I always forget to spray perfume on and I wouldn't risk brining it with me so this helps so much.

*Gum & Godiva Mints: My mother in law got me hooked on those delicious mints and now I'm looking for ways to get more!

*Scrunchie: I have super thick hair, the number of scrunchies I've broken through is so high I've lost track. This is also a lifesaver depending on the day. I don't love having my hair down all the time.

Phone Lens: Fun lens for fun photos of selfies.

*Phone: Pretty self explanatory.

*Keys: Car keys and house keys.

Glasses: Sunglasses because you never know when England will grace you with a little bit of a sunshine! Plus the JuJuBe bag has a sunglass case in the bag to protect it! Also my driving glasses. Sometimes even Jaxs sunglasses, he hates the sun in his eyes.

*Pen: You never know when you will need a pen!

*Wallet: Always need my ID to get on base so if  forget my wallet I can't get in at all. Also it's big enough to bring it by itself if I don't want to bring in the whole purse.

Chapsticks: One for me and one for my kiddo.

*Things I always have no matter what bag I use.


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