Tuesday, February 25, 2020

DIY Juice Cleanse | 2020 Version

One of my very popular posts was my first DIY Blue Print Cleanse I made back in 2015 when my husband first went on a deployment and I was able to completely detox and reset my taste buds and appetite. And this one I did back in 2012 before I even has a juicer at all. I didn't have the money to just buy the cleanse set but I did have a juicer and all the time to do it myself. Fast forward 5 years later and I am back to having time in my hands and my husband gone again so I needed to do this! Again I didn't want to buy the set when I can clearly do it myself. I can see how much of what ingredient I'm putting in as well as what kind of produce I'm using. With living in the UK I don't see a lot of the cleanse fabs going around like it does in the states but by googling I came across ThinkPress and they have 100% organic juicery. Their juices were sooo similar to the one I had done before except much more simple! Being a mom of two, the easier it is to make, I need it! Here is my recreation of the Lighten Cleanse which is perfect for a beginner!

As the prior cleanse it requires 5 juices a day for either 1, 3, 5 or 7 days. I decided to begin with 3 days as I had before but to make it simple I will have the recipe below for one bottle. That way if you add days you just double or triple the amount. In my last post I had many ask about that and it's been so long I don't remember anymore. Also want to point out that these worked perfectly in a 16oz bottle! The entire day is about 935 calories worth, this is to reset and it's not meant to be done when you are constantly burning calories as it will make you tired. They have a different cleanse made with more calories if you want to work out while you detox.


- Filter water
- Limes (x 2)
- Agave (1tbsp)
- Ginger (1/2in size)
- Apple Cider Vinegar (1tbsp)

So for this drink I added the ACV due to all the amazing health properties is provides and perfect for the first thing to have. I didn't add the amount on the filter water as I juiced and added everything else first and then topped off with it. If you're making more than one then first juice the limes and ginger and add same amount in each bottle and then top off. 

GINGER GLOW | 185cal

- Carrots 60% of the bottle (8-9 carrots)
- Gala Apples (x1)
- Lemon (x1)
- Ginger (1/2 inch size)

FRESH GREEN | 125cal

- Cucumber 40% of the bottle (1 large or 2 small)
- Granny Smith Apples (x2)
- Spinach (2-3 handfulls)
- Lemon (x1)
- Ginger (1/2in size)

PINK ROOTS | 195cal

- Beetroot 36% of the bottle (3-4 beetroots)
- Carrots 35% of the bottles (4-5 carrots)
- Gala Apples (x2)
- Lemon (x1)

Now with this one as I wanted to make it easier on myself and beetroot stains the crap out of my counters, I opted out for an organic beetjuice. The brand I used is called 'Beet It', it was 90% beetroot and 10% apple which worked out perfectly! I juiced the carrots, apple and lemon and topped off the rest with it! If you're looking for an easier less messy way I recommend this as long as the juice is organic and has nothing else added to it! Also got 2 of the 1 L cartons but only used one for 3 days worth of juice.


- Filtered Water
- Cashews or cashew milk
- Dates (1-2) or agave 1tbsp
- Cacao Powder (1-2 tbsp) or vanilla (1 tbsp)
- Pink salt or none if milk already comes salted

Finally the very last juice or actually milk for some protein is the Cacao Cashew. Now in my past post I've made my own cashew milk which I love! But i didn't have time to let the cashews soak over night and all that so I opted out for just Cashew milk, part water to cut the fat down. If you're making your own then watch at this video on how to make your own cashew milk at home. I also didn't do dates, I replaced it with 1 tbsp of agave and since I didn't want the cacao flavor, I did vanilla and cinnamon instead. It was amazing! The recipe also calls for pink salt, however the cashew milk stated it already had sea salt and I didn't want to over do it. So be sure to read the ingredients before adding anything!

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